By Suck. on October 22nd, 2005 at 1:51 pm EST

Hard to believe it has only been five years – seems like Hardfought has been part of my life forever. Not like a wife or kid mind you, but still like a family for sure. What started as a Quake server and clan quickly evolved into a Counter-Strike community. Personally, I think the wild popularity of CS combined with the kickass server and the inherent chattiness of the game (at least for those of us who died a lot) was what really built the community. The forums have gone through a couple of restarts and for many of us have become addictive. Six LAN parties in 5 years has been a highlight for many of us as well. The server has lost it’s co-host location several times, but the community has survived many challenges and always comes out on top. We have hosted CS, RTCW, some ghay role playing games, HALO, CCS, HL2DM, DODS and BF2 just to name the ones that I remember.

Y’all should post your favorite HF story or memory on the news post forum topic – and let’s all take a moment to thank Keith, the admins who have dedicated time to the servers, and the financial backers as well. But mainly, let’s be sure to remember that the community is great because of all the players – hats off to Hardfought, and 3 cheers for the greatest online gaming community ever!

Contributed by EatMoreLead (EML)