Fourteen years old!

By K2 on October 22nd, 2014 at 5:24 am EST

Hardfought just turned fourteen years old today! Happy birthday Hardfought!! Weeee… hrm. Ok. Enough of that silliness ;) So, what all has happened around here since this time last year? We delved into the world of Bitcoin for a few months and played around with that for awhile. Had a real-time ajax-based chatroom put on the site, which is being used as I type this. Finally got around to getting a solid SSL certificate installed (yay). We’re now back to folding, and with a vengeance at that. And last but not least, the latest game craze appears to be some console title known as ‘Destiny’. It’s some Halo knock-off made by the folks over at Bungie that has most everyone here all hot n’ bothered. Whatever, Nethack still rules them all :)

Cheers, HF. Can’t wait to do the 20 year post…

3 thoughts on “Fourteen years old!”

  1. Avatar Nad says:

    Happy Birthday HF. Still remember the early days, sitting in my rental house and playing games instead of going to class. Took years to recover from that .25GPA semester…

  2. Avatar K2 says:

    No doubt. Running the game servers actually affected my job performance in the early days :)

  3. Avatar Miracl3 says:

    Man…Time is flying. Heck my son just turned 11 and is in middle school now. Im on the same steam still guys. Playing cs go, DayZ, and other random games. Having alot of fun with SpinTires too :) Still working the same job but the wife is currently in college for Paramedic/RN so things are looking way up. Wish there was a way to rejuvenate HF as the premier gaming community that it was.

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