DAoC – Revisited

By K2 on March 1st, 2010 at 2:38 pm EST

A couple weeks ago SaGe^KS posted about a ‘freeshard’ Dark Age of Camelot server he had found and started playing on… a ‘classic’ DAoC server hosted in Europe that’s free for anyone to play on. The server is ran and maintained by a small group of people somewhere in Europe (I have no idea where, heh) who purposely left out a lot of the newer content/expansions brought to the game, hence the term ‘classic’ server. Nad jumped on board with a few of his friends from way back when, KillerClown and I started playing as well, we all joined an existing guild and we’ve been playing and having a good time with it ever since. So for those of ya that used to play with us back in 2001 til whenever and wanna come back to it  (for free) then let us know. The original thread started by SaGe^KS can be found here – click here – it has all the info ya need to get started.

I’m also hosting our Guild’s forum here on the site. For those of ya in the guild that are new to the site, go ahead and register (use your main characters username please), and then lemme know that you’ve registered. I can then add you to the guild group, at which point you’ll be able to see the forum and post to it.

Let us know if you want to play DAoC with us folks! :P