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By K2 on September 25th, 2010 at 9:11 pm EST

Hey gang, thought I’d check in and say hello. As usual, not a whole helluva lot going on in Hardfought-land. However, our ten year anniversary is coming up in less than a month. We still have a handful of die-hards that still visit the site and participate on the forums… it’s pretty cool that some of ya have stuck around for that long, heh ;-)

My gaming rig is dead (again) so I got nothin’ to do gaming-wise, and it’ll probably stay this way for awhile. Not surprisingly, this makes my wife very happy, as I am now forced to spend much more quality time with her and our dog and otherwise lead a normal existence. Bleh lol. Anyways, hope you all are doing well, and I hope to see a lot of ya chime in next month for our ten-year. Be good folks.

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7 thoughts on “Checking In…”

  1. Avatar sX says:

    Yall watched me go through puberty. *Tear*

  2. Avatar KillerClown says:

    You finally made it through? >:D

    It is hard to believe I have been a part of this community since early 2001 (Feb. or so iirc), essentially the dawn of my online gaming. It is sad to see how inactive most of the community has become over the last few years, definitely miss the old days playing CS until 4-5am, hiding in corners raping people with my 350+ ping, people crying "camper" while running around with their 50ms pings.

    My favorite times, like the one LAN party I made it down to (with 53 hours total bus riding time), when TxAss said to me ‘WTF you don’t play for 6 months and come down here and rape everybody’, my only option for a response being ‘I told you mfers if I ever got off of dial-up you were in trouble’. :D

    The unfortunate death (several times) of the HF CS servers….the whole fact we had way too many skilled players on the server and couldn’t keep population because noobs had no chance against most of the players…I can quite honestly say that I never did, and likely never will, play another server where I actually had a decent amount of ‘good’ competition.

    Our little DAoC tour as the Hardfought guild was quite enjoyable in the beginning, though things did not work out, if it was not for Hardfought I may have never played DAoC and may have missed out on some of the most fun I’ve had gaming. Grom and I attempting to reform said HF guild and K2 coming back and ruining it. :D Even our second attempt with Uthgard, even though it wasn’t specfically the Hardfought guild, and at that point everyones gaming wants/needs/desires had changed, massively in some cases (everyone has different expectations), the thought/idea of it was still fun.

    It has been a fun ride for sure, and I have met a lot of good people. And I hold no grudges, nor hate people. Had my differences with K2 at times, but I still respect him (not only for real life activiies, but also for creating and having the patience with maintaining a really good gaming community). Though our community has, for the most part, gone pretty silent, as K2 said, there are still a few of us left who do regular the forums and remain somewhat active.

    I look forward to (who knows) another 10 years of posting on the forum here and there, some useful info, some thread hijacking, and whatever else may come. :D

    /salute Hardfought

  3. Avatar K2 says:

    Nice post KC… and no I didnt ruin our DAoC guild! :P I was just being an ass at the time… ah well. Our lil revisit to DAoC on Uthgard was a lot of fun actually, just sucks that you cant do a game like that right and have time for anything else.

    Hell who knows man, I am working full time again so I could afford to host one server somewhere, but again it’s all about the time investment. And the number of old-timers that’d flock back? Who knows, most everyone is scattered to the four winds. For instance, I’ve been playing over at the No Heroes TF2 servers, just started posting on their forums. Good group, and I’ll tell ya what, it’s nice and polished with a (literally) global reach. Dunno if I wanna compete with that.

    I honestly think that the days of the ‘next best thing’ to come out and everyone rally around are either gone or a lot more far and few between than before. I really have no idea what could come out next that will just blow everyone away that everyone will want to play and be able to do so in a multiplayer environment. CoD: MW2 *could* have been that if they hadnt fucked it all up server-side. A part of me doesnt wanna see HF fade away, but it’s difficult to see what that next big thing will be.

    Anyways. I’ll put out a mass email here soon to all users on the forums, we’ll see who pops in to say hello and get a gauge of what’s goin on. But no matter what, this website and the community isn’t going away… if 10 yrs up isnt proof enough, I dunno what is.

    … when did sX hit puberty??

  4. Avatar Maverick says:

    Time flies when you’re having fun.

    It’ll be nice if some of the old-timers we haven’t heard from in a while, drop in for the 10th anniversary.

  5. Avatar Jester says:

    Man, now I feel really old….. Really, really old.

  6. Avatar K2 says:

    Yeah tell me ’bout it dude. I’ll be 40 in just over a year :shock:

  7. Avatar SaGe^KS says:

    Ha if K2 is 40… soon

    Makes me wonder what old-HFers are collecting Social Security :-P

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