Bunch o’ News Tuesday

By K2 on May 14th, 2002 at 10:28 am EST

Covering a LOT of stuff today gang… better grab a drink or something and get settled in before ya start ;-)

First off, we have a couple more additions to the guild *again*… heh. I’d like to officially welcome Aermula, Lotha, Zvin and Jizosh to the guild. Congrats fellas!! :-P Be sure to give these guys the proper ribbing they deserve when ya see them next… they somehow escaped Geat’s hazing procedure so we’ll have to make up for that ;-)

And speaking of Geat… I had the distinct pleasure of being grouped with Geat when he finally reached 50th level!! YES that’s right, Geat has reached 50… way to go!! He also holds the distinction of being Hardfought guilds very first ‘elder’ as it were. We’re all very proud of his accomplishment, for the path to reach 50 is not an easy one. We’re proud of ya big guy… *sniff*. Now go power-level my shaman alt, dammit! :-P

OK… a couple things transpired last night that I’d like to share with you… and I have pictures to go along with as well ;-) Yesterday a thread was started on the IGN msgboards here – http://vnboards.ign.com/message.asp?topic=29543300&replies=163 – some opinions were voiced, some flames insued… one thing lead to another and lo and behold I find myself challenging Orolandes O’Roarke to a duel. Turns out this guy is ALSO a 47th level armsman ;-) Why am I always starting trouble with armsmen? Anyways… we agreed on a place and a time, and also agreed to show up unescorted without any buffs whatsoever. We also relogged in each others presence to verify that fact. About an even fight as you can get :-) How did it turn out? Well it looks like my current armsman record is 2-0 now :-P Here are the screenshots…

And there ya have it. I actually messed up going back from my two-handed axe to my one-hander/shield… hit the wrong key and tried to engage him without a shield… rofl. I HATE it when that happens! Anyways, Orolandes put up a decent fight, so kudos to him for having the balls to tangle with a high-con, hell-bent Dwarf Warrior ;-) A second thread about the subject can be found here – http://vnboards.ign.com/message.asp?topic=29588983&replies=19

Now after that was all said and done, I was invited to come along on a Midgard ‘Legion’ raid. What’s that you might ask? Legion is the biggest, toughest bad-ass in all of Darkness Falls, a cross-realm dungeon filled with devils, demons and all sorts of undead creatures. It literally takes several groups of high-level players to take this thing down. The dangers and perils are many, but the rewards afterwards are certainly worth the risk. This was the second Legion raid I’ve been on, both of which were lead by Voleg Synge… Voleg did a fine job of running things both times. I was so excited the first time I didn’t get any screenshots, but this time around I did. Let’s take a look…

Pretty scary eh? It took us awhile to get this thing killed, not to mention all the other high-level monster spawns occurring all over the place. Great leadership and teamwork prevailed however. There was a lot of high-level loot to distribute afterwards as well… a lot of people walked away with some very nice items. I plan on being at the next Legion raid for sure… now we just need to go after the Midgard Dragon ;-)

One last bit of official news… EML (a.k.a. EatMoreLead) is heading up another Hardfought LAN party. We already have the place picked out and the date set. Please mark the weekend of July 19th-21st on your calendar if you want to attend. We’re hiring out the services of a gaming center located in Irving, TX. They have all of the network, internet and hardware resources we’ll need to do this properly. They can even rent out computers to those who can’t/wont bring their own. There’s a lot more details to cover about our gathering, plus I need to try and code a sign-up form for it. Expect to see more on that later, and soon.

New voting poll is up FINALLY as well as a new ‘Picture of the Day’ so be sure to check those out. Also, my DSL line was NOT upgraded last Friday as planned, instead it will be up this coming Friday instead… damn swbell to hell! So expect some downtime for the site this coming Friday. Have a good one folks, see ya when I see ya.