DAoC patch day, site IP changing

By K2 on May 8th, 2002 at 4:56 pm EST

Doing a quick blurb today gang, I got a lot on the proverbial plate today.

The Guinevere Who’s Who page quite literally is a huge success… you all totally destroyed my upload bandwidth for the first day and a half :-) There’s over 120 pictures up already and I got about seven or eight more in my inbox still that I need to put up. If ya play on Guinevere and haven’t put your pic up yet and wanna be seen, then dammit send ’em my way! :-P The email addy is pictures@hardfought.org in case ya forgot. And thank you to everyone who’s sent me compliments about the site here thru email, in-game or via IRC. It’s greatly appreciated – /bow.

Mythic released a huge patch this morning (1.50)… adding, patching and and fixing quite a few things with the game. But alas, true to Mythic’s style, we’ve been treated to a few ‘oh shit, how’d that bug get in there!?’ notices with the servers having to be taken down a couple times today to get the kinks worked out. I’m still trying to get the patch downloaded on one machine :-) Now I gotta sit down and figure out which realm abilities to get…

Also – Qiand is heading up a Hardfought recruitment day in Huginfel starting May 20th at 5pm CST and will probably last til 8-9pm CST or so. So if you’re interested in joining the guild, mark down that date/time and pay us a visit.

NOTICE – I am getting SDSL tomorrow sometime, and this will greatly improve the quantity and quality of the upload bandwidth I have available for the websites I am hosting. This ALSO means that the site will be unreachable for a few hours. It will still be up of course, but it’ll take time for www.hardfought.org to reflect the new IP address I’ll be given. If I had it, I’d share it now… but swbell’s first line of defense for tech support isn’t really that good today it seems :-/ Anyways, you’ve been properly warned, so don’t be surprised if ya can’t access the webpage for a lil while starting tomorrow.

That’s about all I got today folks. Gonna go back to finishing up the new system I am building… muhahah ;-) See ya later…