*BOOM* Headshot!

By K2 on March 27th, 2006 at 10:42 pm EST

Hardfought came into the playoffs with a bang winning pistol round on the Terrorist side. It was blow for blow after that with Knife taking the lead. With the score 8-6 Hardfought found themselves desperate for a round. Sandbox, Hardfoughts single remaining player, made shot after shot to close the round with an Ace.

The second half was rough. Knife won pistol round and the round following. On a save, Shade called an aggressive strat that allowed HF to steal the 3rd. Several more rounds past and HF found themselves 3-6 against a dangerous team. But they stepped up and took every single remaining round with the final score of 16-14 securing their victory.

Hardfought (#19) moves to round two of the playoffs where they’ll lock horns with “Kill with Honor” (#14).

Starting Line Up: Shade, Predator, Sandbox, Bl0wn and FFW Mayo.

MVP: Hardfought | Sandbox for his clutch/ace when every round counts.

gg Knife