hF Clan back on track

By K2 on February 17th, 2006 at 10:09 am EST

Hardfought squared off versus eFX on de_nuke. Hardfought started off as terrorist with Hardfought | Predator setting the tempo for the match with a pistol round ace. Hardfought got off to a great start going up 5-0 as T’s. “They seemed to be weak on the outside and I started leaning the strat calling heavily on their outside defenses” says Hardfought | Shade. eFX put up a great effort and the teams finished the CT sided map, with a score of 8-7 as terrorist in favor of Hardfought.

Hardfought went on the defensive on CT and really took control of the match. “With Predator holding the outside down with an awp, and bl0wn and myself destroying ramp room, they were forced to attack middle heavily. Sandbox and Loki held down the central fort giving us ample time to rotate and assist.”, says Hardfought | Shade. The score was 12-3 on ct side and that was closer than it actually was.

Terrorist side MVP = Predator
CT side MVP = Entire Team

Starters for match : Blown, Loki, Sandbox, Predator and Shade

Final Score 20-10

Hardfought looks to carry the momentum over to de_train next week, stay tuned….

gg eFX