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Just a quick test…

By K2 on January 31st, 2010 at 11:18 pm EST

Just doing a quick post to test out some timezone issues for the MOD author of WP-United. Feel free to post some comments to see if the time posted matches up with your timezone.

FYI – if you do post a test comment, make sure to go into the UCP (user control panel) of the msgboard and dbl-check your board preferences to make sure that you have the right timezone selected. And just in case ya don’t know, Daylight Savings Time is NOT in effect currently – it begins in the spring, ends in the fall. Thanks gang.

EDIT – bug has been fixed!

Apple unveils the iPad

By K2 on January 27th, 2010 at 4:29 pm EST

The day that many Apple enthusiasts have been waiting for has come. Steve Jobs announced earlier today the coming debut of the iPad. A lot of Apple fanboys have been waiting for the day for a long, long time. Speculation as to what exactly Jobs and the crew at Apple were going to unveil had been pretty varied – some were anticipating some type of pad or tablet, others were thinking the iPhone 4, and so on. Personally, I’m glad to see a tablet-style device be released. Yeah sure, it’s not the first of it’s kind, but I think it may be the first to offer all of the things it can do, in as slim a package as it’s in.

The full breakdown of the techincal specifications for the iPad can be found here – – for the most part, everything you’d find on the iPhone 3GS minus the camera, but on a much larger screen.

Here’s my personal take on it, good and bad…

  • Web surfing, email, watching video/movies, viewing photos, and reading e-books would be a much better user experience for the simple fact of the larger screen and more real estate.
  • All the apps for the iPhone/iTouch will run on it.
  • Only half an inch thick, weighs just one and half pounds. Screen size almost 8×10 inches and multi-touch.
  • Wi-Fi and 3G capable. Built in speakers/mic, GPS, compass, accelerometer.
  • Accessories include an SD-card dock and full-sized keyboard dock.
  • The touch keyboard would be about netbook sized – pretty much anyone could type on it comfortably.
  • Some cons – no camera, no stylus support, some of the features not available unless you get the Wi-Fi + 3G version, no multitasking (that’s a big one), and price.

Yup, the price. They start at $499 and go up. Too expensive for an iPhone replacement, but if you were looking to replace your old laptop or wanted something other than a netbook, this would do quite nicely, minus the no-multitasking bit.

My take on the iPad is this – I wouldn’t rush out to replace my netbook/laptop or iPhone with this. But I think a device like this would excel in the workplace and in a scholastic environment. If the iPad had stylus support, you could use these to transform your office into a completely paperless environment… hell, you could probably get away with it as-is. If schools would start offering all of their required textbooks in an electronic format (and it’s already starting to happen), the only think you’d need to take to school would be your iPad. I’d really love to see stylus support for this; that would definitely be the thing needed to vault this device into a realistic offering for the workplace/school. And then of course the whole no-multitasking thing. Really Apple wtf? How hard can that be? Ah well. We’ll see what happens.

So whatcha think folks? Chime in and voice your opinions about the iPad here… and if one of you actually gets one of these, I wanna see pics of you holding it ;)

Test post (phpBB3 3.0.6/WPU 0.8 update)

By K2 on January 17th, 2010 at 9:17 pm EST

Test post…

OK, if you’re reading this, then the major backend updates I performed were a success. There are a few bugs, such as the ‘recent forum posts’ widget on the sidebar showing every single post ever made, as well as a couple other minor bugs, but overall it’s gone smoothly. I’ve let the WPU mod author know of the issues I’ve discovered, so hopefully we’ll have some fixes soon.

I have many more updates and tweaks to do regarding 3rd party phpBB3 mods, as well as a few more look n’ feel tweaks. The worst is over and done with though ;)

EDIT – if ya guys could please, go through various functions here and on the board, use the comments function here for this news post (you’ll notice it’s now fully integrated between WP and phpBB3) and so on. Some bugs the WPU author has already fixed and I’ve implemented, but if you find any other bugs or notice any weird behavior, lemme know. Thanks.

Site backend update, some downtime

By K2 on January 17th, 2010 at 4:37 pm EST

Just an FYI folks, the website is going to be down later tonight and probably the better part of tomorrow as well. A long-anticipated new version of WP-United was released today, and in turn I’ll need to update phpBB3 and related mods at the same time as I update WP-United. That’s a lot of work ;) I’ll need to restrict access to the site during this time to ensure everything goes OK, and that no posts are lost in case I have to roll everything back to current versions. I’m performing a full site backup right now. As soon as that’s finished, the site will be locked down – no access will be permitted until the updates are complete and I’m happy with the results.

In the meantime, go watch the Jets/Chargers playoff game, kickoff is in three minutes ;) See ya soon.

New pictures

By K2 on January 10th, 2010 at 9:21 pm EST

Normally I wouldn’t make a news post solely based on a few new photo’s uploaded to the gallery, but these are significant, and deserve your attention. First off, it turns out that my wife Jenn had a few pictures saved from Hardfought LAN #7 back in 2006. I had lost all of mine from my camera (along with a shitload of other pics) back in November of 2008 when my external drive crashed while I was in Iraq during my second deployment. So when she mentioned last night that she had a few, I was all for posting them up on the site. There’s only about 15 or so pictures, but what the hell, it’s better than nothing. I can’t friggin’ believe it’s been three and a half years since the last HF LAN party. Ugh…

Next up – all the pics I took during my platoon’s training deployment on the big island in Hawaii back in 2007 were found. I thought I had lost these for sure about a year ago, but they all turned up a few days ago. I scanned the best of the lot and posted them in the ‘Army Pictures’ section of the gallery. There’s some good stuff there so check it out.

That’s all I got for now. Hope ya’ll had a nice new year’s and that your year has gotten off to a good start so far… unless you’re a Green Bay Packers fan, holy shit did you see them play against the Cardinals tonight? Wow… lol. Talk about close. OK folks see ya for now.