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OMG… CS:S again!?

By K2 on July 29th, 2007 at 3:01 pm EST

Yeah, we have a CS:S server *yet again*… you asked for one, so I put one up. The IP address is, default port. Boomhauer, who’s been hosting a couple of my servers for several months now, just recently performed a major overhaul/upgrade to the datacenter he works in, and the servers (you can only access one at the moment) have been relocated onto a new data pipe that has megabits of untapped bandwidth. Several of you that have already played on it since it went live a couple days ago are seeing pings in the teens, and even single digits.

The map rotation is pretty basic. The administrative backend script is now powered by SourceMod, which has finally been released as a beta. The first official version of SourceMod should be out soon. Plugins for SourceMod that are loaded include ATAC (advanced team attack control) to handle team wounding/team kills, and advert plugin, and of course an HLstatsX plugin that displays your in-game stats in real-time.

I’ve added a few admins already, as after this weekend I wont be around at all to administer anything for several months. If you’d like to be an admin for the CS:S server, lemme know in the thread that will be associated with this post. Any comments, requests, or ideas you have for the server are welcome as always. Have fun with it gang; this is just a prelude to bigger and better games to come. See ya online.