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Week 3 Report

By K2 on June 24th, 2006 at 4:20 pm EST

Week 3.1
The first match against DANG! was a lot closer than the boys on Hardfought would ever have expected. With a lot of the close rounds the final score came to a ‘gasping’ 16-14 . Rounds such as killing the defuser a millasecond too late, and the 4 rounds Hardfought had to play 4v5 because of a lagout made this game much closer then it had to be. But Hardfought was still able to come out on top.

Week 3.2
The second match against Synergy was much closer than expected.

“Going into the match with a good win on our backs we felt pretty good about us being able to conquer our next one. Although capable of getting a 13-2 lead on CT side first half, the opposing team made a valiant comeback getting quite a few rounds to make us need those last 1-2 rounds for the win. Once we finally got the last round we needed, I beleive we pretty much won out for a whopping 20-10 end score in favor of Hardfought.” -Cluer

New Clan Mates
“Cluer and Grump both know eachother and were sort of a “package” deal. We picked up cluer because we knew that he could be very good and he had the skills/smarts to compete in main. Once he got settled in, he mentioned grump. We tried him out and we felt like he fit into the group . Grump was in Veritas which was a very solid main team until they just recently died. There it is in a nutshell.” ~Bl0wn

Thanks to Cluer and Bl0wn for their contributions to this news post.