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Closing Season 3

By K2 on October 4th, 2005 at 8:08 am EST

Hardfought played their final match of the season against Contract Killers on de_inferno. With an extra week to practice due to a bug (gg valve) we had our game face on. We dominated CT side 12-3. Our Terrorist side was even at 6-6 until Shade called the “don’t lose anymore rounds strat” and we didn’t. Both sides played really well even if CK didn’t stick around afterwards to chat.

This game brings Season 3 to a close with a winning record of 5-3. We’ll be having a few roster changes for next season with our biggest alteration being the addition of Wedge. Hardfought has the makings of a playoff clan and we’ll be practicing hard in the off season to start Season 4 the right way.

Our Roster for Season 3 (in random order)

gg guys