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Clan Update

By K2 on August 30th, 2005 at 10:47 am EST

Hardfought Clan got off to a rough start this season. After our disappointing week 3 loss (that put us at 1-2) we went back to the drawing board. Changes include more hours each week for practice and two new members: Shade (from Alpha Squad) and bl0wn. All of our hard work paid off in our week 4 match against CSLS-B on mill. We started as T’s with a 12-3 lead and cleaned up as CT’s at 14-1 for a final score of 26-4. gg guys.

That brings us up to 2-2. Everyone is really putting in the extra effort. Even if we don’t make the playoffs this season our experience gained and lessons learned will help us make this a world class team in seasons to come.

Good job, guys.