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Clan Update

By K2 on August 30th, 2005 at 10:47 am EST

Hardfought Clan got off to a rough start this season. After our disappointing week 3 loss (that put us at 1-2) we went back to the drawing board. Changes include more hours each week for practice and two new members: Shade (from Alpha Squad) and bl0wn. All of our hard work paid off in our week 4 match against CSLS-B on mill. We started as T’s with a 12-3 lead and cleaned up as CT’s at 14-1 for a final score of 26-4. gg guys.

That brings us up to 2-2. Everyone is really putting in the extra effort. Even if we don’t make the playoffs this season our experience gained and lessons learned will help us make this a world class team in seasons to come.

Good job, guys.

Ranked Battlefield2 Server

By Suck. on August 24th, 2005 at 1:15 pm EST

For those of you who missed the news, Hardfought is now running a ranked Battlefield2 server! It hasn’t been getting a lot of play because apparently a lot of people hadn’t heard yet. We’re making a push to make it as popular as our CS:S server, so we can use any help possible to help it get up and running. If any of you can hop in and help populate the server, it’d be much appreciated. It would be a shame to have to take the server down due to inactivity. Anyhow, here’s the IP, and it’s on the default port (16567):

    Hardfought BF2 – [Ranked, 32 player]

Server changes, HF clan status

By K2 on August 15th, 2005 at 1:43 pm EST

Hi gang. We’ve had a lil bit of drama and changes here in the past few days. Figured it was time to do a news post about it all and get all the shit out in the open so ya’ll will quit asking me about it ;-)

Hardfought’s Alpha Squad is no more, it offically dissolved yesterday. Why? Pretty much because we had too many personality conflicts in that squad. I wont lie to ya, we had our fair share of drama in that squad and I guess it finally came to a head. Fontana had left the week before, Relic and JimrockFord left yesterday over some issue, and so everything just kinda came to a screeching halt after that. Ah well… just goes to show that skill alone does not make a winning team. We had some pretty impressive talent on this team but for whatever reasons, we just couldn’t get the teamwork aspect to gel with this particular group. It was great to be able to have the men in Alpha Squad represent Hardfought, and I had a lot of fun hanging out with ’em at the HF LAN and at the CPL. So best of luck to all of ya in whatever teams you decide to go to next, if at all.

Hardfought Bravo Squad is still alive and kicking, and doing pretty well actually… looking forward to season three. Their first week match-up with team X-Elite kicks off sometime later tonight, and I imagine we’ll try to have some sort of score bot going for it in IRC.

Match servers – the two CSS match server we provide are being moved over to ‘Jake’ – the new IP’s are and .5 – you can still reserve them via the reservation control panel on the site here, and any existing reservations are still valid, just make sure you connect to the new IP. Because the match servers have been moved over to Jake, I’ve dropped HF2 and so for right now we’re hosting just one public CSS server. The maxplayer count has been bumped up from 20 to 24. DoD: Source will be hosted on this server as well as soon as it’s released. Now… why all the moving and shuffling around? Because…

BF2 ranked server – yeah that’s right. Our second server, ‘Elwood’, is being provisioned right now to be setup as a BF2 ranked server. The deal that our server host, Insomnia365, has setup with EA Games to be able to lease out ranked BF2 servers, is that root access to the box cannot be given to the leasee. We’ll be able to manipulate the BF2 servers cfg (to a point, as certain things have to be set in stone to be ranked) and load up/configure other game titles through i365’s custom control panel, but a full OS reload/provisioning had to be performed on Elwood to make sure everything is in compliance for being able to run a BF2 ranked server. I’m hoping it’ll be done and ready to go sometime tomorrow, but the entire process could take a couple of days. I’ll keep ya posted when everything goes live – just know that it’ll be a 32 player server, and we’ll have the most popular maps in rotation.

That’s all I have for ya today gang. See ya around…