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CS: Source, other news

By K2 on August 31st, 2004 at 11:24 am EST

Hi there folks. Yeah I know, I am way overdue for a post. What can I say, been busy and just haven’t felt like writing with what little free time I have. It’s barely long enough to check msgs and say hello to family and friends periodically. Hoping to get un-busy here in the near future. Anyways, on with the news.

CS: Source beta is out and soon to go gold along with Half-Life 2. Pre-load for the game already started a few days ago via Steam. Hardfought has two CS: Source beta ports up on and – make damn sure ya bookmark those or put them in your favorites list. Valve has been playing with how the master server list sends out server data recently, so it could show one day and not show the next. The addresses will stay the same when CS: Sources goes gold. From all accounts, it’s looking like CS: Source may very well bump CS off it’s throne, and I hear that all support for the older version of CS will cease once HL2 is officially out. Sooo… it’s lookin’ like Hardfought may actually be back on it’s way to it’s old fame and glory *finally* after all of this time. Yeah, there was limited success with Halo PC, not not on the level as CS had. Looking forward to seeing what happens, and hoping that 3rd party mods like Adminmod/AMX and Psychostats follow suit to support CS: Source. So be sure to tell all your gamer friends Hardfought is officially back in business.

Err… well, we were actually a few weeks ago with BF1942, and HaloCE, and Call of Duty and Neverwinter Nights, but only HaloCE and NWN got any kind of use (HaloCE barely at that). As usual, it takes breaking in with a new game title to get things started. Go figure :-P NWN and HaloCE are still up, and the NWN port (on is about to change from it’s current mod to a new and different one, this one being more persistient-orientated. More details on that as I get ’em, as it’s not my project, but Sarah’s, our NWN admin :-)

Real life shit – still in Iraq obviously. Rumors abound as to when we’ll be able to come home… hearing everything from this December to as late as next April and everything inbetween. Since the official Iraqi government elections happen in January, I’m betting we stick around for that in case shit hits the fan. I just dunno. Still waiting to get some kind of leave time as well, no one seems to know where I am on the list. Price ya pay for being lower-enlisted and being single w/ no dependants. Just getting over ‘Sand Fly Fever’ too… hell I still got it right now, just not as bad as initially. We have these lil tiny flies out here, about the size of a gnat, and they like to chew you up in the middle of the night. Get bit enough times and eventually you come down with the flu it induces… more than half the FOB has gotten it already. Nothin’ major, just a high fever and body aches, but ya feel like hammered dogshit for about 2-4 days. I am on day four. Please wish me luck. Hah ;-) Between that and getting shelled and shot at, it’s status quo.

Pictures – yup, I haven’t posted a damn thing in about two months. I have a lot of pics too, but just haven’t done anything with them for the same reasons as stated above. I’ll try to rectify that soon.

Well… that’s all I got folks. Take care and I’ll try to stay in touch with the news and pics more often. No promises tho ;-) See ya…