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Happy Independence Day

By K2 on July 4th, 2004 at 11:21 am EST

Hello all, and happy Independence Day… it’s been the 4th here for most of the day now, for the rest of ya’ll your day is just now starting probably. Fireworks, barbeque, day in the sun… heh. Well, we’ve got all of that out here in Iraq, it’s just implemented a bit differently ;-P So America turns 228 today I think… yeah 228. Well happy bday America ;-)

So, what’s new in my neck of the woods? Not a whole helluva lot. The Iraqi government took over a couple days earlier than expected, and things heated up around here a bit but not as badly as we had anticipated, which is a good thing. I’ve been busy flying the UAV for our unit and have been trying to put that asset to as best use as possible. Can’t go into details on all of that of course, but just know it’s making a difference out here and I’m glad we have it at our disposal. No new pictures recently… all of the pictures I’d really like to take right now that’s job related would be considered classified. So there ya go. Gonna work on getting some more and different pictures taken that don’t fall under that category. EDIT – mortars just had a lil July 4th BBQ outside the FDC hooch, I’ll have some of the pics from it posted soon.

If you’ve seen on the msgboard recently, I’m looking to bring the Hardfought game server back up *once again* in time for HL2 and/or Doom 3. I’ll be going through the same server host as before, that being The Planet/ServerMatrix. I’m asking for some help from the hard-core regs this time, on a more in-depth level, such as actually helping admin on the back-end and helping cover some of the costs, as well as in-game administration. Prices have gone down and available has gone up, so now is a very good time to get in on it. So far I’ve received one definite and a couple maybes, if everything pans out like I hope, I’m kickin’ around the idea of hosting two boxes and running a number of different popular game titles, both FPS and RPG orientated. Sooo… check out the msgboard topic about it, ya can’t miss it, and if you’re one of the old-time HF regs (you know who you are) lemme know whatcha think. I’m hoping to build this back up to where as many of the old-timers as possible come back. Will be interesting to see what happens.

That’s all I have for today gang, gonna work my way back to that BBQ, shoot the shit, have another steak and relax for a change. Have a safe holiday… and until next time…