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In the Army now…

By K2 on January 29th, 2003 at 3:30 pm EST

Well… looks like this will probably be my last news post for quite some time. A few months at any rate. I ship off tomorrow morning at around 5:00am CST for Fort Benning, GA. I’m leaving here in just a couple hours for a hotel in Dallas the Army makes all the new recruits in the area stay in the night before they ship out. So I figured I better do this post now ;-)

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has stuck around with Hardfought, through thick and thin, game server or not. You’re the main reason Hardfought is what it is – not just a gaming community but in some ways a family. All three LAN parties we’ve had over the past couple years have been a blast, and I was glad we were able to throw together one more on such quick notice before I had to leave… it’s been a pleasure to have met all of ya that could make it in person, just wish more of you could have made the trip.

Oh well… there’s always HF LAN #4, right? :-P

Just be sure to check in every so often, I’ll post when I can, and upload pictures to the photo album when I’m able. Also, it’d be nice to see pictures that some of you HF LAN attendees took, so please do so if ya can, I still have that section set up and active in the photo album for ya to use.

Take care folks, I’ll try and do the same, especially with another war with Iraq pretty much a sure thing at this point. More than likely I’ll still be in boot camp when all that shit hits the fan, but who knows for sure? We have other HF people who are also on active duty or have been re-activated, so be sure to give them your support as well.

Until next time…


Hardfought LAN #3 is over

By K2 on January 21st, 2003 at 10:58 pm EST

Oooh boy! The latest and greatest Hardfought LAN party was a lot of fun, for those of ya that didn’t make it, you missed out. It was great to see a lot of ya that I knew from online but had never met before in real life, especially a couple of the old-timers like Rad-Man and Arctek. It was also equally great to see some familiar faces like Spudboy, Doc, Shinigami, TXA and sX. In fact it was great to see everybody there, regardless. We had over twenty people show up, which was a very good turnout considering there was less than three months notice given. This LAN party also had the most amount of people from out of state, including one person (Brutal) that crossed international borders to attend.

Big thanks goes out to Rad-Man for letting us use his home for the weekend (we didn’t have a single power outage lol), EML for making Hardfought hats for everyone and giving them away for FREE, Mentat for supplying the game server we all played on, Mentat again and Diamond for helping with network setup, and to everyone else for showing up and having such a good time. I’m glad everything went off without a hitch… this will be my last one of these for probably quite some time, and it feels good to know this one went smoothly.

All of my pictures of the LAN and other activities have been posted already. I set up a picture category that all registered msgboard members can use to upload pictures as well, so if ya took any pictures at the LAN, here’s your chance to share them with everyone.

I got one more news post coming, and that one will be right before I ship out for active army duty. I’ll be spending my remaining time left with family up in Oklahoma… Dad is still on dial-up, that oughta be fun… rofl! ;-P

Later folks.


Hardfought LAN #3 update

By K2 on January 19th, 2003 at 9:22 am EST

Well, it’s just after 9am here, and we’ve pretty much broken everything down. Seems I was the only one to stay up the entire time ;-) Rest of the crew either left a lil early or had to crash. I got a bunch of pictures of the LAN party already posted on the photo album here (just look under HF LAN #3) and will have more to follow in the next few days.

We all had a lot of fun… had an impromptu CS tourney, traded a ton of software, caught up on who’s been doing what, etc. I’ll go into a lil more detail about all that later. So for now enjoy the pics… I’ll post again soon.



By K2 on January 12th, 2003 at 11:11 pm EST

Just in case any of ya were wondering where I’ve been the past five days, well… I’ve been sitting in a lil jail cell that entire time. YES I’ve been bad dammit! :-P Not THAT bad, but as it turns out, I’m driving home last Wednesday night, get a small speeding ticket, and the officer who pulled me over decides to do a random warrant check for the *entire fucking region* of the Dallas/Fort Worth area… rofl. Yeah I know, small-town cops, got nothin’ better to do I suppose. I dunno. Anyways, turns out I had two warrants issued for my arrest from over two years ago for some unpaid traffic violations, like coasting through a stop sign, not having my insurance on me at the time, no seatbelt, that kinda shit. So I get dragged outta my truck, thrown in handcuffs and taken to the nearest jail cell to sit and rot. My dumb-ass forgot to PAY for those tickets, so I got to REALLY pay for them over the past five days.

No, I didn’t make anyone my ‘bitch’.

Needless to say, by the time I was able to get enough money together to pay out my bond, I had already served enough time, so I didn’t have to pay anything, so they let me go earlier this evening. LOL!! :-P Aherm… no it’s not that funny. Well yeah, it is in a sense, but it’s not really. It was NOT a fun experience… God help you dipshits out there that are doin’ drugs and joking about it, you get caught with that, you’ll do time that made mine look like a cakewalk.

Anyways, I got some neat stories to share with you all at the LAN and on the msgboard here, it was enlightening to say the least. So what’s the moral of this story? Don’t get caught Pay them damn tickets! ;-)

For all of the HF LAN #3 party-goers, we’re meeting at Bubba’s Restaurant near Rad’s place at 8pm CST this Friday night. Check your email for the exact address and for other last-minute details. Can’t wait to see ya’ll there! I also plan to have the HF photo album updated and finished with before LAN time.

See you all this weekend… I hope, rofl! :-P


Quick blurb

By K2 on January 7th, 2003 at 9:11 am EST

Hi all… quick blurb on some stuff for ya this morning. Nothing really important, just figured I’d give ya something to read ;-P

Hardfought LAN #3 contact info was sent out via email just a few minutes ago, so if ya need to get a hold of me before/during the LAN, ya can now. If any of ya attending have any questions that need answering that wasn’t covered in the last email, ask now. Also, please let either myself or Rad-Man know if you can’t attend so we can keep an accurate head count.

Came across an interesting website this morning… Fort Benning’s official homepage. You gotta dig some, but this site has all sorts of cool info, including schedules and up-to-date happenings. Looks like graduation for me will be sometime in early May… I’m assuming they are taking AIT into account. Dunno… guess I’ll find out one way or the other :-)

One last thing… the new remote news posting code I’m using is called Fusion News, version 3.51. It’s pretty damn cool. Check this out…

I can use the integrated formatting switches to manipulate how the output looks just by clicking on a single button. Pretty neat, eh? Thought so :-P

Buh bye now… rofl.