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In the Army now…

By K2 on January 29th, 2003 at 3:30 pm EST

Well… looks like this will probably be my last news post for quite some time. A few months at any rate. I ship off tomorrow morning at around 5:00am CST for Fort Benning, GA. I’m leaving here in just a couple hours for a hotel in Dallas the Army makes all the new recruits in the area stay in the night before they ship out. So I figured I better do this post now ;-)

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has stuck around with Hardfought, through thick and thin, game server or not. You’re the main reason Hardfought is what it is – not just a gaming community but in some ways a family. All three LAN parties we’ve had over the past couple years have been a blast, and I was glad we were able to throw together one more on such quick notice before I had to leave… it’s been a pleasure to have met all of ya that could make it in person, just wish more of you could have made the trip.

Oh well… there’s always HF LAN #4, right? :-P

Just be sure to check in every so often, I’ll post when I can, and upload pictures to the photo album when I’m able. Also, it’d be nice to see pictures that some of you HF LAN attendees took, so please do so if ya can, I still have that section set up and active in the photo album for ya to use.

Take care folks, I’ll try and do the same, especially with another war with Iraq pretty much a sure thing at this point. More than likely I’ll still be in boot camp when all that shit hits the fan, but who knows for sure? We have other HF people who are also on active duty or have been re-activated, so be sure to give them your support as well.

Until next time…