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HF LAN #3 almost here!!

By K2 on January 5th, 2003 at 8:03 pm EST

Hiya gang… hope everyone had a safe and happy new year. Mine was low key but was a lot of fun. At least I wasn’t having to work New Year’s Eve unlike the past couple of years… :-P

The Hardfought LAN #3 is almost upon us. I can’t friggin’ wait! I sent out a mass email to all attendees a couple weeks ago with pretty much everything you’ll need to know about the LAN. I’m getting ready to send out a second one with my contact info in case some of ya need to reach me, so be looking for that. Someone rip me a copy of BF1942 for the LAN, k? Thx ;-)

If you’re reading this post, then that means my domains DNS info *finally* propagated out on the ‘net. I’m still with the same webhost, but I asked them to move all the web content to a newer server with an updated version of PHP (4.3.0). You’ll notice I’ve also done some page editing, brought back the Hardfought voting poll (new and improved of course), and added a picture album which ties in with the msgboard here. I’m also using a new remote news-posting program… the output may look the same but it’s way different than before on the backend, and much more versatile. All of the before-mentioned additions are done in PHP using MySQL. I’m trying to get all these lil improvements done before I ship out.

By the way… a few msgboard posts will be missing once you see this page. The database backup happened a couple days ago, so anything posted on the 4th or after will need to be posted again, although all the new posts so far aren’t really THAT important. Oh well :-)

Check back in soon folks, I’ll have some more news to post before, during and after the LAN. See ya online.