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Early archive, new method of posting news

By K2 on September 25th, 2002 at 5:57 am EST

Hi all. Figured I’d archive a lil early this month since I’m revamping how news is posted here… decided to change the news header style/graphic a bit as well.

I’m now using a beta version of NewsPro, which is a series of Perl scripts that will essientially allow me to post/edit/update news from any computer that has internet access and a web browser. Neat, eh? :-P I’ll have to brush up on my HTML tags because before, if I needed a word or sentence to be in bold and a different color, I’d just use the FrontPage toolbar to do it in like 5 seconds. Using this new method I’ll have to type all that out… oh well :-)

Nothing new really going on here, just work/eat/sleep, rinse and repeat. I’ve disconencted my SDSL line to save money and am now on *gasp* a dial-up account… argh!! Do I really need to save some cash? Not really… I was able to pay my bills just fine while having DSL and I just got a raise recently, but since I have no more plans to host any NWN game servers from home I figured what the hell, kill the conenction, save a few bucks.

Oh one thing… I have started making some simple hacks/modifications for NWN, I even got one posted and mentioned on the Neverwinter Vault. My next news post will deal with that and some other hacks/addons I feel are essiential to playing NWN.

See ya later gang.