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Month of March news day

By K2 on March 6th, 2001 at 10:00 pm EST

Today… is a very good day for some serious beer consumption.

Just to officially let the CounterStrike crew out there know, in case you missed all this on our message forums here… Valve is in the process of revamping their WON id process. This means that every client will have one static WON now per valid copy of Half Life instead of three separate ones. This will make lives for admins like myself much easier. However… during this process of updating the WON authentication servers (there’s three of them) all past existing WON id’s are now becoming obsolete. This in turn is causing some people to show as having a WON id of zero. Earlier today (twice) a WON id of zero made it into the port’s banned.cfg file, which in turn banned a significant number of you. Sorry ’bout that. I have since cleared the banned.cfg file and reset the port… so hopefully no more unnecessary bans for awhile. If it happens again, just hang tight… contact myself or one of the other admins who help me run the port, we’ll get ya taken care of. All this WON id updating should finish by this weekend… hopefully.

Also on the CounterStrike front… I’m sure most of ya have noticed by now, but the CS stats have been reset this past March 1st to make way for version 2.0 of Inteli-stats. This version has a lot more features than the past version, including real-time processing (updated once an hour now instead of once a day), clan tracking, improved stats totals, player awards, etc etc. There are a few bugs with it, which I have been dutifully pointing out to the Inteli-stats team, but overall it’s a fine stats parser. Go check ’em out, see how ya did :-P

Nexus have been challenged by the Masters at Destruction on the OGL CCTF ladder… we play this Thursday at 9:00pm CST to once again defend our #1 spot on that ladder. I’ll keep ya posted on how that match goes later this week.

Punkbuster has been toned down a bit on the Hardfought CounterStrike Match port… compliance is optional now, not required… seemed it was a bit too strict. It wont kick/ban anyone, but it will log any and all cheating activity. Good enough for now. Also, I plan to clean up our ‘Battles’ section as well as our ‘Files’ section, make it a bit more organized and user-friendly since both sections are starting to grow rather large lately. Probably start on that this weekend. That’s all for today folks… see ya online.