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Nexus defends #1 spot OGL CCTF, CS news

By K2 on March 27th, 2001 at 11:12 pm EST

I need to do more news updates more often… seven days is just too long…

Nexus defended it’s #1 spot on the OGL CCTF ladder again, this time defeating XcP by a final score of 18-0. Nexus was represented by HaDeS, b0ba, CyBorge and myself… map played was Twisted Base (cctf6). This match was probably one of the easiest matches I think I’ve ever had the pleasure to help get set up for. Pick a server… done. Get everyone on the server… done. Heh :-P Good game to XcP, they played hard. Be sure to check our ‘Battles’ section for a screenshot and also our ‘Files’ section for demo’s of the match.

On the CounterStrike front… a couple things. First off… I’m now running ServerSpy to monitor the Hardfought CS public port. This is a multi-function admin tool, but the main thing I am using it for is to prevent TK’ers and team wounders from intentionally ruining the game. Here’s how it works… it tracks all players by their WON id, and checks to see if they TK/TW anybody, and how often it occurs. If you TK someone, you get a warning. Do it again within a certain time span, you get kick/banned for 5 minutes. Now… ServerSpy remembers you… so if you come back into the server, even under a different name, and start TK’ing again, you’ll get banned again. Do this often enough and ServerSpy will permanently ban you. Also… if you TK someone right at the start of a round, you’ll be permanently banned automatically… there’s no way in hell you can accidentally TK someone right at the start of a round. Now… if you accidentally TK someone, there are two ways that you can be ‘forgiven’, or have your penalty erased. First method is to not TK again for a certain amount of time… I’m not going to say how long, in case anyone wanted to exploit that. Lets just say you will need to be good for a long time afterwards :-) The second way to be forgiven is for the person you TK’ed to say !forgivetk in either messagemode1 or messagemode2 (public or team chat)… this will tell ServerSpy to erase the TK penalty from the person you just TK’ed. This has been in effect since last night, and seems to be working out pretty well… so now all of you that play during the odd hours when there’s not an admin around… you now have some relief :-)

Second… we had placed some more custom CS maps up on the public port… one of them cleared out the server since most of ya didn’t have them. My apologies on that… my bad. They have since been removed temporarily. Tonight is your one week notice to download these custom maps *now*, because they will be put back on the server next week. The new maps are as_forest, cs_office_old, and the es_ map pack, which includes es_frantic, es_trinity, es_cabor, es_cell, es_hide, es_jail, es_raid and es_village. All of these maps, as well as the other custom maps we offer, can be found in our ‘Files’ section on this website. Sooo… don’t delay, go get ’em now. Go go go!! :-P

Game stats will be updated to a new system in early April. Reason for the wait… I run this web server out of my apartment on my DSL line. Me and HaDeS are moving April 6th… our new DSL line *should* be active by then. I wanna get everything situated and moved in before I make a major change to the website like that. Just be patient… stats will be back soon, I promise. I enjoy seeing how bad I suck at CounterStrike… rofl.

That’s about all for now… food time. More news soon…