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Matches, benchmarks… bleh

By K2 on January 12th, 2001 at 12:58 am EST

Well… *sigh*

Nexus just wrapped up two OGL matches last night and the night before. First one was to defend our #1 spot on the CCTF ladder against XcP. We lost by a score of 2-13 :-/ XcP played a very good game… we were winning by a score of 2-0 for a good solid 17 minutes into the game, but once we lost the flag things just kinda fell apart. You could say it was a combo of XcP being very ready, us being not so ready, and CyBorge having to struggle with a 300+ ping throughout the entire match. So XcP takes #1 rung on the CCTF ladder… well deserved guys, good game… just don’t get too comfortable up there, we plan on taking that back soon :-)

Our second OGL match was against clan Mage… they challenged us for our spot on the RA3 open team ladder. After a couple weird delays (match settings were screwed up, plus each team had to swap a player due to unplayable pings) the final outcome was Mage winning two maps to our one… was pretty close actually. No one in clan Mage balked at all when we traded out a 500+ pinger for a 15 pinger :-) They were very sportsman-like… good game Mage, well done.

For the CounterStrike gang out there… don’t forget, the Planet Half-Life map pack goes live on the CS port this coming Sunday. It wont be in map rotation, just voteable. And speaking of CounterStrike… cheating seems to be more and more of an issue on the Hardfought CS port lately. I am seriously thinking of installing PunkBuster on the port to keep that from happening. That program is still beta tho… I’ll get with hulio to test it out first before doing anything. You’ll know in advance if we decide to use it or not.

A couple days ago I decided to run a comparative benchmark between Quake3’s 1.27g point release and the newer 1.27h patch for it. ID claims that 1.27h will give the client a boost in performance along with the other bug fixes. If you wanna see the tests ran and the final outcome, be sure to check out this article… very informative. The custom CCTF demo used in those tests is also available in our ‘Files’ section, under the miscellaneous group… it’s hilarious, take a look at it :-P

Oh by the way… Q3Plug 1.1 was released the other day. It has tons of new features, including support for multiple games, including Quake3 and Half-Life/CS, as well as full support for Quake3’s colored names. The server status page now uses this plug-in, so be sure to grab it.

I’ll have some more news in a couple days… nite folks.


All sorts of news stuff

By K2 on January 7th, 2001 at 11:01 pm EST

Heh… got a nice bit of news for ya today, so here goes…

Nexus played Immortal COIL on the OGL RA3 team open ladder last Thursday and lost… we opted not to play another map. I missed the match due to work. No one got screenshots from either team, and because of a type-O that id did with the new 1.27g code for Quake3, no one could record a demo… so no stats :-/ Good game to COIL, they always play well and are always cool to chat with… maybe we’ll get ’em on the RA3 front next time :-)

We have ourselves a new msgboard peeps! I was able to finally obtain a more robust copy of the UBB msgboard forum software. I can now setup private forums, change the look and feel, log IP addresses, users can edit/delete posts, reply w/quotes, perform searches, etc. I just got it installed this morning and kinda setup the way I want it to be graphically this afternoon. Gonna have some custom graphics made for the msgboard as well, add a nice personal touch to it. Just in time, too… the msg forums are really starting to kick off… yay.

On the CounterStrike front… a couple items worthy of news postings… first off, I’d like to officially welcome GoatX12 to the Hardfought CounterStrike team that helps watch over and actively admin the CS port, so be sure to congratulate him the next time you see him online. Lately cheating has become a little bit more prevalent there, and Vicious and I can only do so much to deter the cheaters. Soooo… we’ve got more support. We’re also looking at a couple other automated options to implement on the server to deter team killing, or ‘TK’ing’ as it’s so commonly put. To all you cheaters and TK’ers out there that like to use the Hardfought server as your playground, your days are numbered as far as playing on my server are concerned ;-)

Also concerning the CS port… Planet Half-Life recently released a new map pack for CounterStrike. It includes cs_futurcom (final), de_deep6, de_heat, de_lazy, de_luxor, cs_middleages, de_chinatown, and de_village. The map pack is available for download in our ‘Files’ section here. Now… to avoid that little ‘mishap’ that occurred last week when I put some custom maps in the map rotation config, here’s what we’re gonna do. As of now, this is everyone’s one week notice to get the new map pack installed on your system. Starting next Sunday on Jan. 14th, I will put the map pack on the CS port, so you can vote for those maps to play on… they will *not* be in rotation… yet. I wanna setup a voting poll, asking which of those maps you’d like to see in an official map rotation scheme. That wont happen for awhile yet… we’ll see how popular they are. Anyways, get that map pack NOW, so you can play them on the CS port next week.

Quake3 news… my favorite all-time Quake3 mod, Classic CTF, finally released a new version that’s compatible with the new 1.27g point release. The first version (1.10) had some pretty glaring bugs… myself as well as a couple other Nexus clanmates were some of the fortunate few that were picked to help the CCTF team test the code for bugs so they could be fixed. This was successful… the latest and greatest version of CCTF is 1.12, and can be found in our ‘Files’ section. I also brought up a CCTF port *again*… the IP is Of course, most everyone still plays on the Springfield server… hrm. Same ol’ story with CCTF… almost everyone plays on just *one* server. Gonna give the Hardfought CCTF port about one or two weeks I think… if traffic there is like was last time, I’ll take it down again to conserve on resources.

Well that’s about all for tonight… catch ya later folks.


Custom maps, CounterStrike port

By K2 on January 3rd, 2001 at 9:34 pm EST

OK… sorry for all the confusion this morning concerning the CounterStrike port :-/ By now most of ya already know… we tried to throw in a few custom maps this morning, and a lot of ya got stuck on a slow download direct from the CS port on a map that you’d have to get from the website to play it anyways… bleh. Soooo… those custom maps are OUT of the current map rotation, but are still included on the server should you care to vote for them. The new custom maps are cs_assault2k, de_rats, cs_robbery_b7, cs_mice_final, and cs_futurcom9. If you decide you’d like to join the server on one of the custom maps, please be sure to download it first… if you try to pull it from the server it’ll take forever… plus maps like cs_robbery_b7 wont push all of its required files since there’s more than just the .bsp file. All of the new custom maps mentioned can be found in our ‘Files’ section. Also, Vicious sent me a new mapcycle.txt for the CS port, so you’ll find that a few more of the stock CS maps are back in normal rotation.

If we do decide to put any custom maps into regular rotation, you’ll have plenty of advance notice posted here first… and if there’s a map you’d like to see on the CS port, post your thoughts on our newly revitalized msgboard :-P Damn I need to get a hold of a registered version of UBB… anyways, see ya online.


Happy New Year!!!

By K2 on January 1st, 2001 at 2:12 pm EST

Wouldn’t ya just know it… a brand new year, new century, a new *millennium*… and it has to start on a MONDAY…

HAPPY NEW YEAR peeps!!! Wo0p :-P Hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday… weather has been nasty out there for a lot of ya. Stay in, play some Quake or Half-Life… oh wait, looks like a lot of you have been doing just that :-) Ok, down to business…

First off… I have just now completed our ‘Files’ section which can be accessed via the link to the left. There are all *sorts* of goodies there for everyone to download. Every file you need to play on any of the Hardfought ports, whether it’s CounterStrike or Quake3, can be found there, along with a few extras, such as custom maps (all of which can be played on the Hardfought CTF Match port), clan Nexus match/scrimmage demos, etc. I still have some work to do on the maps section, it’s just Quake3 maps at the moment. There are quite a few CS maps uploaded to that FTP server, but I haven’t had a chance to go thru all of them yet… I’ll need help from Vicious on that. Downloads are capped at 60K/sec to conserve on bandwidth, but that should be plenty fast for most of you.

Nexus had an OGL RA3 team open match scheduled for last Friday with Immortal COIL, but both teams agreed to postpone the match until this coming Thursday, January 4th at 9:00pm EST. I’ll have stats, demos and screenshots available of that match after it’s finished.

The Hardfought Team Arena port is now utilizing a server-side only back end called SCTA, or Super Configurable Team Arena. You can change *several* aspects of the game, including weapon/item/powerup/tech respawns, scoring, how the techs and weapons act, a modified MOTD, id code bug fixes… the list goes on and on. Right now I have SCTA set pretty conservatively… the only changes I’ve made are to the MOTD, techs/powerups/holdable items/ammo/flags can be dropped, voice taunt spamming has been greatly reduced, and the BFG has been replaced with a railgun. SCTA also fixes the server command overflow bug many of us have experienced during map changes, and it also prevents the mega-guard exploit. The list of drop commands are as follows…

/drop flag – drops the flag

/drop ammo – drops five units of ammo of whatever weapon you are holding

/drop holdable – drops items like the teleporter, medkit and kamikaze

/drop persistent – drops whatever tech you currently have, sends it back to it’s respawn point

/drop powerup – drops whatever powerup you have, like the quad, regen or haste

There’s still more work to be done on SCTA, but so far I am happy with it, and it seems the majority of players are as well. Just a side note here… as of this morning the Hardfought Team Arena port is ranked the 9th most popular CTF server according to the CLQ… and the Team Arena Demo port is ranked #1 in the same category… heh :-) The Hardfought Counterstrike port hasn’t been able to break into the top 50 on the CLQ yet, but it’s always full. So thanks out to everyone who’s helped me with the server and especially to everyone who plays there and enjoys it… you’ve helped make Hardfought one of *the* best game servers around.

Before I wrap this up – the CTF Match port has been updated to Q3Comp version 2.03b, and the CounterStrike real-time server stats HAVE been updated, but for some reason the main list still shows 12/31/2000… odd (EDIT – um, seems to have fixed itself now… nevermind). Also, all of December’s news has been archived. Anyways… see ya online.