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Nexus match news, server stuff

By K2 on January 26th, 2001 at 11:22 pm EST

Last night Nexus defended it’s #4 spot on the OGL CCTF ladder against Scorched Earth, winning by a score of 23-1… yay!! About fucking time we got out of this losing streak… *whew* :-) Hats off to SE, they played a good game and played hard… cool bunch o’ guys. I think we’re setting up a weekly CCTF scrim with their clan next week… hope that goes through. This match was Nemesis’s first full match with us (he didn’t ping out this time :-P) and CyBorge *finally* got his ping back. Gotta love cable broadband service… not. Anyways… you can find two demos of the match in our ‘Files’ section, one from my point of view, the other from a spectator viewpoint.

Server news… that memory upgrade I had planned for today did *not* happen :-( I went by Dallas Memory International today to pick up the new ram (two 256MB PC100 ECC registered SDRAM, Micron) and when I finally made it down to the co location facility and got them installed… the server just kept rebooting. Turns out that memory is not on Tyan’s memory compatibilty list… ECC ram can be kinda picky on what board it’s in, and Tyan can be a real picky bitch, too. Soooo… no ram upgrade today. Dallas Memory International is trying to hunt me down some Corsair memory that is 100% compatible with the system. By the way… Dallas Memory is a *great* place to shop for computer-related items… go check ’em out. Prices are competitive, the brand names are quality, and the guy that handles the orders knows his shit (ask for Alex). No, he didn’t ask for a plug :-) They’re just that good… the URL is

Also on the server are some new weapon and player models for all of the Quake3 ports. They can all be found for download in our ‘Files’ section, under miscellaneous. The new player models include Homer, Mojo and the Ultra-Monkey, and the new weapon models include two replacements for the railgun, a new plasma gun, shotgun, and one that changes the lighting gun into a flame thrower, complete with new sounds :-) Along with the rail tracer and crosshair paks, all of these player and weapon models can be used on *any* of the Hardfought Quake3 ports, even in pure mode. Also, the Tejaz Clan CTF server, Abilene Arena, is also sporting the rail and crosshair pak for use in pure mode.

We’ve got an RA3 match lined up this Sunday, and another CCTF match this coming Thursday… more on that later. Have a good weekend folks… the Giants vs. the Ravens… oooh, aaahhh *yawn* :-P See ya later.