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CCTF Match with XcP delayed, scrims with MaD

By K2 on November 29th, 2000 at 10:20 pm EST

Looks like our CCTF match with XcP had to be rescheduled for this coming Sunday, December 3rd… time set for 10:00pm EST. They had a few people missing either do to school or illness… no biggie. No more reschedules after this Sunday tho… it’s either play or forfeit this time around :-P Lookin’ forward to that game, should be a good one. Also… as far as I know we’re still playing Violence not Vengeance tomorrow for their spot on the OGL RA3 open team ladder… yeah we were able to challenge up once that ladder was unlocked. Maybe this time we’ll actually get to *play* … hmm. We’ll keep ya posted.

Earlier this evening we played Masters at Destruction to a couple CCTF scrimmages… first game was Nexus versus MaD then the next game was mixed, two players from each clan on each team, plus we had a couple of well-known freelance players hop in to join in the fun… DeMoN and Jet-Li. Both games were fun, once they finally got started… took *forever* to find an equal server that we could vote for admin on. Nexus won the straight clan scrim, winning 9-2. In the mixed game red took the win over blue by a score of 13-2… Classic Capture Showdown was the map played for both scrims. You can see screenshots of each game played in our ‘Battles’ section.

Next newspost will not happen until after our RA3 match tomorrow… probably wait until Friday to post… that means all the news for November will move to the ‘Archives’ section, so if you missed anything you can find it there. That’s all for tonight… see ya online.