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WFA port map rotation changes, website changes

By K2 on October 29th, 2000 at 12:29 pm EST

Looks like the WFA port has been getting quite a bit of use… good :-) I had initially put up the standard map rotation scheme that was included with the stock wfa-server.ini file. After receiving quite a bit of feedback from the WFA community (special thanks to =SoD=Beast) on what maps to keep and which ones to drop, I’ve decided to change the current map rotation list to something that hopefully should be a bit more desirable to the WFA community. Here’s the new map rotation for the WFA port…

2strong2-wfa (freelance map)
noct-db-wfa (personal favorite :-P)
lanfear-wfa (freelance map)
The freelance maps can be obtained at so be sure to download them now if you haven’t done so already… just unzip each one into your WFA subfolder.

Also… some design changes are taking place here at… decided to utilize some of the space over to the right for things like map rotation info and contact info. It’s a ‘work in progress’ so you’ll probably see new things added or removed from time to time.

Hope ya had a good weekend… see ya online.

UPDATE – I removed 3level1-wfa and put 2castles-wfa in its place… 3level1-wfa has a .shader file missing and causes the server to hang on the last map played when it’s turn in rotation is up. So whoever made 3level1… fix your map and I’ll put it in rotation.