September News

By K2 on September 8th, 2003 at 2:53 pm EST

Hi gang… quick news blurb/overview here before I leave for a two week long field training exercise. Gonna take a bunch of pictures of all of that (batteries willing) so I’ll have some Army-style eye candy for everyone when I get back.

Hardfought LAN #4 has come and passed, was a pretty good get-together from all accounts I heard. Not as many pictures taken of the event as I woulda liked (looks at EML :-P ) but that’s ok… be sure to take a look at ’em if ya haven’t already. Really wish I coulda been there. But that’s ok too, because Hardfought LAN #5 is going to be the best one yet, and I definitely plan on being there. I figure the date will be somewhere around this time next year… should give SaGe enough time to recoup his losses ;-) The next HF LAN will be bigger, last longer, and offer things such as tournaments, prizes for winning teams/individuals and so on. Something to look forward to… I’ll iron out the logistics and details later on.

The counterstrike port that I brought up a few weeks ago is pretty much sitting idle. It gets some play but not really a whole helluva lot. Kinda sucks :-/ No worries though, it’s just a place-holder for Halo and HL2 when those come about, which should be in just a few weeks. Hardfought will have servers available for each title within days if not hours of those games being available for purchase, so be ready to play ;-)

That’s about it for now… gonna finish packing and going over my checklist for the field. Have a good next couple of weeks, I’ll chime in when I return. See ya folks.