On to Iraq…

By K2 on January 20th, 2004 at 4:24 pm EST

Hi gang. This will be my last news post for several weeks at least. My unit will start heading to Iraq starting tomorrow morning at 6am Hawai’i time. Lookin’ at a 30+ hour flight… from here to Los Angles, to New York, to Scotland, to Germany and then finally to Kuwait. We’ll stay there for 2-3 weeks before the big push up into Iraq. Final destination is Kirkuk, which is about 200 miles or so north of Baghdad… prolly take our convoy about 3-4 days to make the drive. Oh joy ;-)

Anyways… wanted to take the small amount of time I had left to make a quick post and to say to everybody so long and that I’ll be back in a years time. I should be able to read/post messages and upload pictures every so often, the base at Kirkuk has a small internet cafe I think. If you want to write to me or send stuff in the way of a care package, you can – I’ll be posting my APO address in the message thread pertaining to this news post.

That’s all I have folks. Take care, hopefully I’ll ‘see’ ya again soon.