New Quake3 port, website back up

By K2 on January 24th, 2001 at 8:49 pm EST

Just a quick blurb or two… first off, I have opened up a quake3 Instagib Rail-Only port on the game server, port 27962. You can see the map rotation and other details about the port on the right-hand side of the site. Clients will not have to download anything at all to play there… all ya need is the basic install of quake3 along with point release 1.27g or higher.

Also… in case you were wondering why the site was down… heh :-) I purchased a Ugate 3200P router/firewall 7 port switch, and it arrived today. Install was a breeze… I assigned all traffic on port 80 to go to the LAN ip address I had assigned to the web server… but it wasn’t working. Silly me… I forgot to set the IIS service to latch onto the new assigned LAN ip… it was still looking for the original one… doh! What shoulda taken 10 minutes took over an hour… sorry ’bout that. It’s always the little things we overlook, isn’t it? Ah well… all back up and running now. See ya soon…