New Member, match results, server stuff

By K2 on February 2nd, 2001 at 12:01 pm EST

Hiya gang… it’s been an eventful week, got a lot of stuff to tell ya about. Here we go…

First off… Nexus welcomes it’s newest member to the ranks, KanxeR, who hails from Honolulu, Hawaii… grrrr :-P Must be nice being surrounded by clear ocean and beaches and nice weather. KanxeR should host a LAN party, that way I’d have an excuse to fly out there. Probably wouldn’t come back, either :-) If you see KanxeR, be sure to tell ’em congrats! You’ll be able to see his roster info soon after this post.

Well, we had a couple OGL matches this week, first off playing CpD on the RA3 open team ladder. They won both maps… yay them. Pfft :-P That match had to have been the biggest giant cluster-fuck I’ve ever seen… had to jump between three different servers, people on both sides had to quit for various reasons, server settings weren’t correct… bleh. Both sides kept a professional attitude during the entire ordeal tho… good game CpD.

Next, Nexus played XcP last night to challenge their spot on the OGL CCTF ladder. We’ve been looking forward to this one… XcP beat us last time we played. This wasn’t to be their lucky day however… Nexus finishes of XcP by a score of 19-2… a demo of the match can be found in our ‘Files’ section. The screenshot of the game is a bit misleading… at least one of their players left before the match was over, and I think the other two left right at matches end. At least Mookster stuck around to tell us ‘good game’… so good game XcP. We’re looking forward to our next meeting :-)

Some changes to the Hardfought server lately… as promised, the Team Arena Demo port was taken down yesterday, to make room for what I believe to be the very first official Team Arena Match port, anywhere. The port is at… it does require a password to join. The port can be reserved on our ‘Reservation’ link to the left… if your clan needs the TA match port for a scrim/practice/match, be sure to email me for the join password. Just about every important match setting is voteable to change, and the latest version of SCTA is being run server-side. By the way… thanks out to everyone who did play on the Team Arena Demo port… I’ve received a few emails asking for it to be brought back up… :-/ I have sent out that ports server config file to a couple interested parties wanting to start their own Team Arena demo port. Hopefully you’ll have a couple more demo servers to play on.

CounterStrike… ooh boy :-P Due to the recent rash of speed cheaters out there, Valve released a beta patch to help combat it. I updated the Hardfought CounterStrike port with it a couple days ago… hopefully it’s working. I haven’t heard any more complaints about speed cheaters since the patch… lets hope it stays that way. If cheats still continue to be a problem, I may require Punkbuster to be used by all clients before they can join the CS port. I’d rather not have to do that… we’ll see.

That’s all for today… check back for news in a few days. See ya peeps.