Hardfought LAN #3 is over

By K2 on January 21st, 2003 at 10:58 pm EST

Oooh boy! The latest and greatest Hardfought LAN party was a lot of fun, for those of ya that didn’t make it, you missed out. It was great to see a lot of ya that I knew from online but had never met before in real life, especially a couple of the old-timers like Rad-Man and Arctek. It was also equally great to see some familiar faces like Spudboy, Doc, Shinigami, TXA and sX. In fact it was great to see everybody there, regardless. We had over twenty people show up, which was a very good turnout considering there was less than three months notice given. This LAN party also had the most amount of people from out of state, including one person (Brutal) that crossed international borders to attend.

Big thanks goes out to Rad-Man for letting us use his home for the weekend (we didn’t have a single power outage lol), EML for making Hardfought hats for everyone and giving them away for FREE, Mentat for supplying the game server we all played on, Mentat again and Diamond for helping with network setup, and to everyone else for showing up and having such a good time. I’m glad everything went off without a hitch… this will be my last one of these for probably quite some time, and it feels good to know this one went smoothly.

All of my pictures of the LAN and other activities have been posted already. I set up a picture category that all registered msgboard members can use to upload pictures as well, so if ya took any pictures at the LAN, here’s your chance to share them with everyone.

I got one more news post coming, and that one will be right before I ship out for active army duty. I’ll be spending my remaining time left with family up in Oklahoma… Dad is still on dial-up, that oughta be fun… rofl! ;-P

Later folks.