Happy Mother’s Day… early

By K2 on May 8th, 2004 at 9:01 pm EST

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone out there who just happens to be a mom. Hope my mom and sister get a chance to read this ;-) It’s not quite Mom’s Day back in the states, but it’s already six hours into it here, so I figure what the hell, better post now before I forget or lose the time to do so.

The last month or so has been interesting to say the least our here in Iraq. The 1-27 Wolfhounds made it through the bloodiest month since OIF started without a casualty. Talk about luck :-) Wish I could say the same for other units out and about. We’ve certainly had our moments out here, and continue to do so, but we still don’t have it as bad as say the troops down in Fallujah. Keep those fighting men and women in your prayers, they’re definitely in the shit.

So… things have calmed down somewhat for us here in just the last few days. Started taking incoming again though, but this person or persons isn’t much better at aiming than our first ‘mad mortarman’. Convoy I was in last week was also subject to a grenade attack, luckily no one from our group was injured, although a nearby kid took some shrapnel to the arm. Patched him up and sent him off on his way. Anyways, we’ll see how long this little dry spell lasts ;-P There’s always something crazy waiting around the corner…

I just uploaded some new pictures. Nothing too exciting, just wanted to offload these before I accumilated too many to do in one sitting. Still have some older pics that some of the other soldiers around here have taken, want to get those uploaded sometime soon. Anyways – enjoy the new batch.

Seems there’s quite a bit of new stuff coming out this summer for the PC hardware enthusiast. New video cards from both nVidia and ATI, some new goodies on the way from AMD coming soon, and Intel ditching their 4th generation Pentium 4. Looks like the new computer I’m gonna build when I get back home next year is seriously going to put my current one to shame. Can’t wait. I’m sure I’m missing out on a lot of other new products and software, but that’s all I got from the quick glance I had.

Gotta run gang. Give your mom and/or sister/aunt/cousin/wife with kids a hug. Now ;-) Until next time…