Farewell Scout and Ed

By K2 on October 27th, 2002 at 1:36 am EST

Alright… this is good and bad all rolled into one. Since enlisting in the Army, I’ve been making preparations and such, like getting accounts in order, deciding how much of my personal effects I’m going to keep/put in storage and which I’m going to sell, and so forth. The most pressing of these is… err, now *was* what I was going to do about Scout and Ed. That’s my dog and cat for those not in the know.

I’d been asking around the past few weeks, looking for someone I could trust to take care of my ‘kids’ for me, hoping that I’d find someone that would love animals as much as I do if not more so, and maybe possibly finding someone to take both of them together. And have a nice sized back yard to boot. Well, I found someone that met every bit of those requirements, and I dropped Scout and Ed off this morning for a test run to make sure they got along with the new enviroment and the other pets that already live there (a dog and a few cats). From what I’ve seen and have been told afterwards, it appears they have adjusted just fine… especially Scout. You pair him up with another friendly dog that likes to play and he’s set.

I’ve found both of them an excellent home with a loving owner, and I get to keep them together to boot. That’s the only thing that’s keeping me from being totally depressed at the moment :-/ I’m gonna miss those two terribly, but it’s something I knew I’d have to do, and better to do it now while such a rare opportunity exists.

So… I guess that’s that then. Farewell Scout and Ed.