Afghanistan bound

By K2 on July 24th, 2003 at 9:40 pm EST

Hiya gang… figured I’d chime in while I had the time. As of yesterday it is now official, most elements of 2nd Brigade from the 25th ID are being deployed to Afghanistan sometime between late January to the first of Febuary 2004. My unit (1-27th INF) is among those going. The deployment will be until July 2004 but could last for a full year. Because Al-Qaeda and Taliban elements have been and will be consolidating remaining forces, by the time we arrive there will be *plenty* of targets to engage. Our unit’s missions will involve recon, search and destroy (including but not limited to Taliban training camps and yeah you guessed it, Osama bin Laden himself if he hasn’t already been captured by then) and fire missions on certain positions (81mm mortar). Our platoon is also going to start in on more urban warfare exercises, MOUT training, etc before we head out.

This is the real deal folks ;-)

Now, because of this new development, and for how long I could be away, this kinda begs the question ‘Is it worth it for me to start up any game servers at this time?’ I dunno gang, you tell me. Between now and the time that I leave, I’m going to be training quite a bit and spending some serious time out in the field. Then of course I wont be able to administer anything at all while I’m gone. There’s also school to consider (I signed up for eArmyU today, wanna finish my degree)… AND just recently there is now a new woman in my life and it’s looking like I’ll be spending any free time I have with her. You know how that goes ;-)

What I’d like from everyone is some feedback on all this. If I were to start things up now, I would need some help from someone that not only was competent enough to handle any technical issues that would arise, but would also have to be available on a very regular basis, and most important, someone that I could trust to not fuck things up while I am away :-)

I have some things to think about it seems. Lemme know what ya’ll think and what, if any, possible solutions I might be able to work with to get HF back up and maintained while I’m out and about putting down some real-life terrorist shitbags.

Looking forward to the feedback. See ya soon all.