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Merry Christmas!!!

By K2 on December 25th, 2006 at 3:23 am EST

Merry Christmas gang! :-P Posting from Hawaii, it’s not technically Christmas yet, but it’s close enough, and it IS Christmas for all of ya on the mainland right now.

Jenn and I made xmas dinner for friends of ours that had also decided to stay on-island for the holidays… Jenn did the cooking, while I did the cleaning and prep. Cooked up a 15 pound turkey, homemade mac n’ cheese, mashed potatos, stuffing, this green bean salad thing I wasn’t about to touch (heh), squah, fresh cranberry dressing, homemade pork pot-stickers, and Jenn’s famous chocolate pecan pie. Had a full house for awhile, watched the football games on the tube and *stuffed* ourselves on food. I can’t believe I am still up, hah :-) We’ll do presents in the morning when we get around to waking up… sleeping in ’til 7 am is a late call for me, so I imagine I’ll have to coax someone outta bed ;-)

Hope the rest of ya are having a good holiday season so far, and are spending quality time with family and friends. Be sure to chime in on the msgboard thread associated with this post and wish everyone a merry xmas if ya haven’t done so already. Feel free to post comments and/or pics of the gifts you scored this year as well ;-) FYI – for those of ya that are just now dropping by that haven’t been around in a awhile, I’ve just finished a major overhaul to how the website is displayed (see the more recent posts in the web-server forum for details)… was wanting to have it all done before the new year rolled around. Hope ya’ll enjoy how the site runs and acts now; so far the response has been pretty good.

So… Merry Christmas!! And Happy New Year too, I’m gonna throw that in there as well, heheh ;-) Take care gang, and see ya online.