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Happy Turkey Day

By K2 on November 27th, 2003 at 4:20 pm EST

Happy Turkey Day folks! Hope you’re all having a great holiday… mines about to start here in a couple hours. Can’t wait, gonna get soooo stuffed heh ;-P Just try and stay safe out there gang, a lot of amateurs on the road and what not. I’ll try and do the same.

Soooo… what do we have in the way of gaming news today? Not a whole helluva lot really. Still waiting for the much-anticipated 1.03 patch for Halo. The Hardfought Halo ports are getting a decent amount of use still… that’s a good thing. I’ve added two more server admins to the fold, so if you see argh or Venom, tell ’em hi. They’ve both been playing on the HF ports a lot, and have shown genuine interest in keeping TK’ers at bay.

My status – well, I got the green light the other day, I’ll be deploying to Iraq with the rest of my platoon sometime around January 20th, we should be gone for an entire year. The back is feeling much better, and I should up back up to par before we go. I’ll go into more details about my deployment at a later time… good thing tho, I’ve been approved for block leave now over the holidays, so I should be home for X-Mas/New Year’s :-)

To wrap things up… I recently went to the 1-27/2-27 INF regimental ball, pictures are up on the photo albukm here under the ‘Army’ category, so go take a look. I am dead sexy in my dress greens ;-P That’s all folks… have a safe and happy holiday.


November News

By K2 on November 8th, 2003 at 7:32 pm EST

Sorry for the late update gang… it’s been kinda slow in the Halo scene as well as being real busy around here on the island. So… as far as Halo goes, we’re all still waiting expectantly for patch version 1.03 – this patch is supposed to fix several bugs as well as add many features that players and admins alike have asked for (more like whined, screamed, cried and basically threatened for, but hey… ). Rest assured, the second the patch comes out, I’ll have all three Hardfought Halo ports updated. Can’t… friggin’… wait ;-P

Army life – most of ya know my unit is set to deploy to Afghanistan in January next year. Well, that’s not happening anymore. Instead, we’re leaving for Iraq, sometime around the same timeframe, and we’re slotted for an entire year over there. Certain things changed, such as Turkey backing out of their agreement to send in troops to help us out, and also the fact that my brigade is the only section here ready to deploy that early. And all of this could change between now and new year’s, we’re just rolling with it as we get the info. I may or may not deploy with my unit because of a back injury I sustained a few weeks ago, but as of this moment, I’m going. Time to brush up some more on those room-clearing drills I guess ;-) Whole different ball game than Afghan-land was going to be, that’s for sure. Oh well.

That’s all I got really for now gang. I’ll see ya online.