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More Hardfought Halo news

By K2 on October 13th, 2003 at 4:54 am EST

Yeah yeah I know, I’ve been promising people a news update like three days ago. Pfft!! :-P Been playing too much Halo online… it’s very addicting. That and new things/updates to the website here. It’s a never-ending project…

Lets see, first off – Hardfought is now supporting three Halo ports – CTF, Assault, and a reservable match port, which conforms exactly to current Caleague match rules. The server display to the right shows which port each instance of Halo is running on. If your clan needs to reserve the match port for practice, an actual match, etc… get with me or one of the other Hardfought Halo admins, we’ll get ya set up. In the future we’ll have a reservation system in place (hopefully soon) so all you’ll have to do is make a couple mouse clicks and you’re done.

Featured organization – Divo Networks – they offer affordable game port hosting for Halo as well as several other games. EmmEss is the man who works for Divo Networks and heads up their gaming division, and is also the author of the perl-based Halo server query script I use on the main page of the Hardfought website (you can get the latest version of that script here – He runs a pretty good co-lo/network, guy knows his stuff. If you’re looking for a gaming server to run for your clan, or just for you and your friends to play on and you’re located in the west coast/midwest, give Divo Networks a hollar.

Hardfought Ventrilo server is up and free for public use in conjunction with the Hardfought gaming ports. You may have noticed a ‘Ventrilo userlist’ pop up on the site here a couple days ago… it’ll display in real-time who’s connected to my Ventrilo server and what their ping to it is. The Ventrilo port resides on the game server. You can connect to it at (default port), the password to connect is ‘hf_vent’ and it’ll accomidate up to twenty-four people at once. Bandwidth usage is minimal, and will not impact performance of the game ports at all. Don’t have the Ventrilo client? Get it at, it’s free to use. This product works pretty damn well, best VoIP I’ve ever used. God help you if you have an issue with it though, and that problem isn’t covered in the manual… their support staff are, for lack of a better word, assholes ;-) No worries, if ya have an issue with the client, I can help ya out.

Last bit before I go – I recently added a lil intermission map/gametype to both public Halo ports, it kicks in once every 8-9 map rotations or so. Not gonna give ya details on it, I’ll let you discover it on yer own. Let’s just say you better practice up on those driving skills :-P

Got another ‘featured organization’ for the next news post, and also, Hardfought’s third anniversary is coming up real soon. So check back often for new stuff. Later gang.