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Back from the field, Halo goes GOLD

By K2 on September 18th, 2003 at 9:47 pm EST

Woo boy… just got back from a lil eleven day excursion out and about in the northern mountain ranges on O’ahu. Brigade-level FTX (field training exercise) – did some fire missions, did some crew drills and patrol formation training, pulled a LOT of security, didn’t get a whole helluva a lot of sleep, got chewed up by bugs, and took quite a few pictures. More prepared now for Afghanistan than I was two weeks ago… I suppose that’s a good thing ;-) I’ll have pictures posted of all that here in a couple days.

Just discovered that Halo for the PC went gold a couple days ago. Muhahahah!!! :-P Been waitin’ for this fuckin’ title since 1999, it’s about damn time! Heh… gonna run out and get this game the second it hits the shelves, which will be anywhere from Sept. 24th to the 30th. GET YOURSELF A COPY as soon as possible, I’m not kidding. This game is going to rule, just ask the people that have been playing it on the Xbox for the past two years… and the PC version will be even better. As soon as I buy a copy and get it uploaded to the game server, I will start a port and get things rolling. The CS port will be retired permanently at that time as well.

Now, check this out. I’m taking applications for Halo admins. Gonna try and get eight total – six from the current admin staff (assuming they all want a spot) and then the remaining two will be open to anyone, preferably to those that are already part of the Halo community and live in the Texas area (closer to Dallas, the better). If you’re interested, and are willing to spend the time to play most days during the week and help make the Halo port a fun place to play, send me an email or just drop me a line on the msgboard here. Serious inquiries only – if you don’t have the time or wont be around, don’t apply. Looking forward to seeing how many people want the spots ;-)

That’s all I got for now gang, check back soon, especially when Halo hits the shelves. See ya.


September News

By K2 on September 8th, 2003 at 2:53 pm EST

Hi gang… quick news blurb/overview here before I leave for a two week long field training exercise. Gonna take a bunch of pictures of all of that (batteries willing) so I’ll have some Army-style eye candy for everyone when I get back.

Hardfought LAN #4 has come and passed, was a pretty good get-together from all accounts I heard. Not as many pictures taken of the event as I woulda liked (looks at EML :-P ) but that’s ok… be sure to take a look at ’em if ya haven’t already. Really wish I coulda been there. But that’s ok too, because Hardfought LAN #5 is going to be the best one yet, and I definitely plan on being there. I figure the date will be somewhere around this time next year… should give SaGe enough time to recoup his losses ;-) The next HF LAN will be bigger, last longer, and offer things such as tournaments, prizes for winning teams/individuals and so on. Something to look forward to… I’ll iron out the logistics and details later on.

The counterstrike port that I brought up a few weeks ago is pretty much sitting idle. It gets some play but not really a whole helluva lot. Kinda sucks :-/ No worries though, it’s just a place-holder for Halo and HL2 when those come about, which should be in just a few weeks. Hardfought will have servers available for each title within days if not hours of those games being available for purchase, so be ready to play ;-)

That’s about it for now… gonna finish packing and going over my checklist for the field. Have a good next couple of weeks, I’ll chime in when I return. See ya folks.