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I’m back…

By K2 on June 2nd, 2003 at 4:40 pm EST

Yes I am back from boot camp *HELL* heheh ;-) Actually I’ve been back since the 23rd of last month, but I decided to hold off on doing a new news post until after I had wrapped up other things on the website, like script/code updates and enhancements, etc. So anyways, let’s get on with the news.

It’s good to be home. Been hanging out at my folks place in Oklahoma until I ship out to my new duty station on June 13th… I’ve been assigned to the 25th Infantry regiment in Hawaii, will be stationed there for the next two years if not longer. Sucks, eh? :-P Really lookin’ forward to it… from what I am told, they work hard but play hard, too. They also do training exercises and deploy to quite a few countries around the world, so there’s no telling how much I’ll be around. Figure I’ll find out when I get there. I’ve also been trying to find out what kind of internet access, if any, I’ll have when I’m assigned to whatever living quarters I’ll be staying in (which are supposed to be pretty new). So far no luck… that’ll probably be another one of those things I wont find out about until I get there.

There’s been some talk about me bringing the Hardfought game server back online… I am seriously considering it. I’ve made several inquiries, and have found more than one company that can offer the kind of co-location facilities I’d need, at a very doable price. The only thing really that is keeping me from doing this right now is the availability factor – as in ‘how much is K2 gonna be around to admin/enjoy his server?’ ;-) Once I get settled in on-base in Hawaii and get my computer and other items shipped to me (Army is handling that, and I wont see any of it until mid-July) is when I will sit down, dbl-check and make sure the same if not better deals exist, see what kind of broadband service I can get installed in my living quarters (if any), and then go from there. The game that I really wanna run a server for is Half-Life 2 when it’s released later this year. I may opt to start up a server early and go with CS again until HL2 comes out… dunno yet. Still deciding on that one. Either way, stay tuned folks. The next few months may become very interesting around here ;-)

And speaking of game servers – Frankie4Fingers and Mr. Diggler have recently started up a new CS server called Hardfought Legacy – their intent is to bring back the gameplay and quality all you old-timers might remember when the original Hardfought CS ports were up and kicking. It’s pretty new, so be sure to tell all your friends about it. The server is located in Dallas, the IP address is – latest version of Adminmod as well as the latest anti-cheat software is in place. Come hang out in our IRC channel #hardfought on if you wanna get a game going, or would like to talk to Diggs or Frankie about an admin spot.

Most of the scripts on the site have been updated/improved upon/fixed… no, *ALL* of them have been. Even added a couple lil tweaks and enhancements. You’ll notice a new voting poll as well… finally, right? :-P

That’s all I got for now gang, I’ll be sure to do another post before I leave. Again :-) See ya soon…