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Hardfought LAN #4, other stuff

By K2 on June 12th, 2003 at 1:23 am EST

Hello again gang… one last news post here before I ship out for my first duty station. Leaving here in a few hours for Dallas to turn in my truck to have it sent out to Hawaii, then I fly out from there the next morning for Honolulu. It’s gonna take about a month or so for the Army to have my truck and all my personal goods (including my computer… ack!) delivered to me, so until then you wont be seeing very much of me. I’ll pop in from time to time to make the occasional msgboard post and what-not, but at least I wont be non-existent like before while I was at boot camp. I’m sure I can get a hold of a computer somewhere in the interm ;-)

Soooo… what do we have that is news-worthy? I’d say the next Hardfought LAN party, part IV is good for starters. Judging by the current discussion threads on the msgboard here, it’s looking like mid-August in Dallas will be the next time and date chosen. That is subject to change of course, but hey, get in there and add your two cents worth if you plan on making this one. The past three were a huge success and a lot of fun, and I don’t see why number four would be any different in that regard. Wish I could make this one folks, really do :-/ That’s ok though, because number five will be in Hawaii… ;-P I’ll fire up ye ol’ sign-up form whenever the date and time for the event is solidified, and I’ll also have a photo album category setup for picture uploads as well. Whatcha waiting for? Get in on the discussion threads and let us know when you can make it :-)

Quakecon 2003 sign-up started about 48 hours ago… I’d tell ya to go register at their website ( but I think they’re already full ;-) This years event is looking to be the biggest ever, with over 3000 attendees I think. Looks like id software decided the old Mesquite location wasn’t good enough anymore, so they’ve moved it to a hotel somewhere closer to downtown Dallas. Cash prizes are in the quarter-million dollar range this year, and attendence is still FREE… heh. I remember the three I made it to, I had a lot of fun. I highly recommend attending this event if ya can… even if ya aren’t a ‘quaker’ :-P

What else… oh yeah. Word has it that the Texas HFC CS server will be shutting it’s doors soon due to price hikes by their server host, and all CS traffic will be redirected to the Hardfought Legacy CS server. Dunno if that’s 100% true or not. If it’s not… hey, I guess I just started a rumor ;-) Mr_Diggler or Frankie would know for sure, you can find ’em in the Hardfought IRC channel if you wanna ask.

To wrap up – pretty much finished tweaking code and stuff on the webiste. Also had a lil mini-crisis earlier today… the database for the msgboard/photo gallery became corrupt, and almost couldn’t repair it. I was on the phone with my webhost tech support while we were fixing it and I was saying something along the lines of we could always go back to the backup database if we can’t repair the current one and he was like ‘Um… what backup… ?’

Just imagine the expletives that rushed forth from my mouth after hearing that statement ;-)

Seems HostRocket doesn’t do auto-backups of their clients data anymore unless explicitly stated in their initial contract (for an extra fee of course). What a load of shit, wish they had fuckin’ told me after that policy change had gone into effect. Note to self – schedule regular manual dbase/file backups of the website. Another note to self – in the future, try not to bad-mouth your webhost on the website they are hosting for you :-P

That’s all I got for now folks. See ya in a few weeks. Until then…


Gaming news, website tweaks

By K2 on June 8th, 2003 at 1:17 am EST

Ooh boy, another news post… and all within the same month! Heheh… yeah I know, it’s not that humorous. I’ll shut up now ;-)

So, what do I have for ya this morning? Or this evening? Or… well, nevermind what your perception is, here’s what I got. Been doing a fair amount of research and reading up on what’s hot, what’s expected to BE hot, and what isn’t in terms of game titles that folks like you and me are playing/will be playing. The voting poll I’ve got up right now is also a decent indicator, since it’s feedback from people who directly visit this site. Based on all of that, what I’ve decided so far up to this point is this – if/when I bring back the Hardfought game server, I will definitely NOT be running Counter-Strike again. Why you ask? Well, there’s like 27-28,000 servers already out there (back in our heyday, it was more like 8-10,000) running CS, and about 56-58,000 people playing at any given time. You do the math gang… that’s roughly a 2:1 ratio of players vs. servers. That’s a helluva lot of empty servers out there :-) Having to try and build back a community based on that game again, drawing the HF die-hards from servers they’ve found to replace Hardfought, so on and so on… just ain’t worth it. I’d rather be on the forefront of a new game when it’s released, like Doom III or Half-Life 2. You KNOW HL2 is gonna be fuckin’ hot… I could probably put up a HL2 server port from day one and just watch it fill up without having to do a damn thing :-P So… the current game plan is to hold back a bit and watch and wait. HL2 is due out on September 30th of this year… that’s not too far off. During that time I can be watching for bigger and better co-location deals (the one I have my sights on right now is pretty damn good, though). Also, I am gearing up to jump back into Neverwinter Nights… that game has come a long way since the start of the year, both in player-made and official content. Persistent worlds are very doable, and are about to become even easier to manage here in the next couple weeks when Bioware releases their 1.30 patch, which includes an intergrated database for storing data on a permanent basis server-side.

Am I babbling too much yet? Dunno, don’t care ;-)

Anyways, that’s where I stand at the moment as far as hosting games are concerned. Of course any of that can change at a moments notice… heh :-P But right now that’s my plan, and it’s a solid one at that. Now, some of you may have noticed over the past couple of days that I’ve been doing some theme modifications to the site, like the new folder icons on the msgboard and the dark smoke/cloud background on most every page. Oh yeah… the fading text. Jury is still out on that one. I like it, some don’t. Lemme know what ya think about the change on the msgboard here (EDIT – ok, I got rid of the fading text. Shuddap). I think I am done tweaking the look and feel of the site for now, don’t wanna go too overboard with it. I just wanna get as much shit wrapped up and finished as possible before I leave for Hawaii… dunno how long I’ll be without my computer when I get there, probably about 30 days or so :-/ Ah well… I’m sure I can find plenty of things to do while I wait ;-P

Alright, time for bed I think. Lemme know whatcha think of the theme changes to the site if ya like, or about any games that might be worth hosting, or any ideas/feedback for creating a persistent world in NWN. Direct all flames to SaGe^KS :-) G’nite folks…


I’m back…

By K2 on June 2nd, 2003 at 4:40 pm EST

Yes I am back from boot camp *HELL* heheh ;-) Actually I’ve been back since the 23rd of last month, but I decided to hold off on doing a new news post until after I had wrapped up other things on the website, like script/code updates and enhancements, etc. So anyways, let’s get on with the news.

It’s good to be home. Been hanging out at my folks place in Oklahoma until I ship out to my new duty station on June 13th… I’ve been assigned to the 25th Infantry regiment in Hawaii, will be stationed there for the next two years if not longer. Sucks, eh? :-P Really lookin’ forward to it… from what I am told, they work hard but play hard, too. They also do training exercises and deploy to quite a few countries around the world, so there’s no telling how much I’ll be around. Figure I’ll find out when I get there. I’ve also been trying to find out what kind of internet access, if any, I’ll have when I’m assigned to whatever living quarters I’ll be staying in (which are supposed to be pretty new). So far no luck… that’ll probably be another one of those things I wont find out about until I get there.

There’s been some talk about me bringing the Hardfought game server back online… I am seriously considering it. I’ve made several inquiries, and have found more than one company that can offer the kind of co-location facilities I’d need, at a very doable price. The only thing really that is keeping me from doing this right now is the availability factor – as in ‘how much is K2 gonna be around to admin/enjoy his server?’ ;-) Once I get settled in on-base in Hawaii and get my computer and other items shipped to me (Army is handling that, and I wont see any of it until mid-July) is when I will sit down, dbl-check and make sure the same if not better deals exist, see what kind of broadband service I can get installed in my living quarters (if any), and then go from there. The game that I really wanna run a server for is Half-Life 2 when it’s released later this year. I may opt to start up a server early and go with CS again until HL2 comes out… dunno yet. Still deciding on that one. Either way, stay tuned folks. The next few months may become very interesting around here ;-)

And speaking of game servers – Frankie4Fingers and Mr. Diggler have recently started up a new CS server called Hardfought Legacy – their intent is to bring back the gameplay and quality all you old-timers might remember when the original Hardfought CS ports were up and kicking. It’s pretty new, so be sure to tell all your friends about it. The server is located in Dallas, the IP address is – latest version of Adminmod as well as the latest anti-cheat software is in place. Come hang out in our IRC channel #hardfought on if you wanna get a game going, or would like to talk to Diggs or Frankie about an admin spot.

Most of the scripts on the site have been updated/improved upon/fixed… no, *ALL* of them have been. Even added a couple lil tweaks and enhancements. You’ll notice a new voting poll as well… finally, right? :-P

That’s all I got for now gang, I’ll be sure to do another post before I leave. Again :-) See ya soon…