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Graduation Day

By K2 on April 20th, 2003 at 12:13 pm EST

Hello all… figured it’s time for a much needed, long-overdue news post seeing as how I actually have the time to do one. Yesterday my company (Delta 2/19th) graduated from basic training, so as of now I am no longer a civilian ‘soldier wanna-be’ but a fully-fledged member of the United States Army. However, being infantry, I go right back for another four and a half weeks of AIT to become considered an actual infantry soldier. That starts in just a few hours ;-) We earned a 30 hour pass this weekend as part of our transition, and that’s winding down so I set aside some time to do this.

I hope everyone is doing well on the ‘outside’… seems so from what I can gather from all the msgboard posts here. Good to see that all of ya are keeping that alive and kicking. Even saw a few new members and some long-gone old timers return :-P

Anyways… time to read all the new msgs on the board. Take care all, See you again in about a month or so.