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Hardfought LAN #3 is a GO

By K2 on November 2nd, 2002 at 10:25 pm EST

Hiya gang. After the Hardfought LAN number two back in July, a lot of us had already started making plans for number three to take place sometime around March down in New Orleans. In light of me leaving for boot camp in late January, we’re gonna try and pull off one more LAN party before I ship out. So as of this post, Hardfought LAN #3 is officially ON :-P

Details to date – this LAN party is being hosted by Rad-Man, who lives just outside of Austin, TX. This means there wont be any kind of attendance fee… however I would highly recommend giving Rad-Man something to help cover costs incured like the extra electricity used and so forth. You’ll also need to bring some cash for food/drink. We’re not touching Rad-Man’s fridge ;-) The date is set for January 17th – 19th (Friday – Sunday) with the 18th – 19th being the actual LAN. The 17th is set aside for going out that night for dinner and drinks and partying. I believe Rad mentioned something about being able to keep a few people at his place that need to sleep, but I haven’t confirmed that, so plan on having to get a room if you need a place to crash… start getting with other attendees now if you need to save cash and share a room.

I’ll code another sign-up sheet here soon, and hopefully something better than the one I had available from last time ;-) Also, Rad-Man is going to have limited seating capacity… what number exactly I’m not sure yet, but he does have a rather large house. Just be aware that we might have to set an attendee limit, so figure on first come, first serve once the sign-up sheet is put in place. Be sure to post/watch the msgboard thread in relation to this post for updates and further details as we get ’em figured out.

CounterStrike will be the main game as usual, but all games are welcome for play. I’m gonna setup a CS tourney for this as well, maybe come up with a small prize for the team that wins, etc.

Hope to see as many of you at the next LAN as possible, because this will be my last one for quite some time. You got 2½ months to plan, I hope that’s enough notice for most of ya. Have a good one folks, see ya around.