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August news

By K2 on August 5th, 2002 at 11:01 pm EST

Well… it’s August. It’s hot and it’s sticky out. Bleh. Sooo… on with the news…

First off – I am no longer accepting pictures for the DAoC Guinevere Who’s Who site. I have finished posting the last remaining pics that were sent in, so go take a look if ya haven’t already, just follow the ‘Pictures’ link to the left there, ya can’t miss it. Many thanks to everyone who contributed to that page over the past months, it’s a real kick to see what everyone looks like that you played with online for weeks on end. So, even though I am no longer taking pictures for that, the Who’s Who page will stay up indefinitely. So enjoy :-P

I now have a couple full-time Neverwinter Nights game ports up. I’ve had one up for awhile now but it’s been kinda off and on mainly because of some serious persistent bugs in the server-side code. However there have been a few tools released of late that help overcome those, so now it’s possible to keep a NWN port up and running 24/7, even in the event of crashes and lock ups. The first port is running Contest of Champions, which is a PvP arena style mod where players can group into teams and battle it out against each other. The other one is called Neverwinter Chess… this is kinda like Battle Chess in that each player controls their pieces which happen to be NPC’s or monsters, and when one piece takes another, they battle it out first. It’s kinda cool I think, and if ya know me ya know I love to play chess :-) This mod is very new, and it needs some work and bug fixes still but it’s still pretty fun. I may make my own modifications to it to make it more interesting. The NWN port IP’s are and :5131 respectively. I may also be adding a third CTF-style mod here soon, so stay tuned.

That’s all I got for now gang. I’ll try and post some more stuff if things get interesting ;-) See ya around…