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Hardfought LAN II, raw and uncut

By K2 on July 22nd, 2002 at 10:02 pm EST

Oh man… the Hardfought LAN party from last weekend was *totally* kick-ass :-) Almost everyone showed up that signed the form, we had about 24-25 in all and had a really good time. I’m gonna keep this news post short n’ sweet, but I wanna give a shout out to everyone who made it out for the party, it was great seeing all of you… some of ya for the first time. I also wanna thank EML for getting the ball rolling on this and making the gaming center/hotel arrangements, and also to spudboy and his friend Burton for hauling out that massive smoker and taking the time to BBQ for all of us, I know that cut into your game time a lot. Also a big thanks out to the crew at The Gaming Center for putting up with all of us and getting the parking lot security off of ours asses so we could BBQ outside without any hassle ;-)

I posted a ton of pictures already from the LAN, be sure to check ’em out, just follow the ‘Pictures’ link on the left and look for the Hardfought LAN II header. I’ll post the pictures that other people took as I get them, so check back soon.

G’nite folks, check back here soon, I’ll have a couple more news posts and LAN party pictures before August rolls around. Cya…