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Hardfought LAN party, Shoutcast, more level 50’s

By K2 on May 24th, 2002 at 5:36 pm EST

Hello folks. Got some new stuff for ya right before Memorial Day weekend to mull over…

Look’s like after Geat got level 50 a couple others in our guild decided he was lonely up at the top and figured he needed some company. So congratulate Maestrok and Gromann on successfully reaching level 50!! That makes three in our guild that have obtained the proverbial brass ring. I guess next up is me… heh. I’ll be sure to post about that in the next couple months or so… ;-)

Some more big news to discuss – the second Hardfought LAN party is 100% a GO for the weekend of July 19th through the 21st. It will be held at The Gaming Center in Irving, TX, and there’s a one-time fee of thirty bucks to participate. The facility we are using is letting us stay 24/7 if we so choose, and we’ll also have internet access for those of us that will need to get our DAoC fix ;-) We’ll also be playing CounterStrike and whatever other games we choose to play. There is a sign-up form to fill out if you plan to attend, the new link for it is on the left, entitled ‘LAN registration’ – PLEASE fill this out if you plan to attend, and please use the PayPal link to pay ahead of time also. You can wait to pay when you arrive, but please understand that we’ll have to give The Gaming Center this cash up front and it’d be nice to know we had most of it already in-pocket from everybody before we show up. Oh yeah… even tho this is touted as the second Hardfought LAN, we’re not excluding anybody from it. If you’re a friend of any of the Hardfought crew, either from playing DAoC or CS or whatever, you’re more than welcome to attend. We’ll be doing more than just playing games I might add :-P You can BYOB as well as BYOC if ya catch my drift. Feel free to contact me if ya have any questions about the LAN, and we hope to see ya there.

Something new I am going to attempt next week after our three-day weekend – Shout casting. Otherwise known as internet radio. I plan on hosting my first live shoutcast show at 9:30pm CST this coming Wednesday on the 29th. I got some CD’s ripped (hope ya like 80’s rock :-P ) and am working on some stuff to cuss and discuss. I’ll be fielding questions, requests and comments in the #guinevere channel on Stratics IRC network so if you can peel yourself away from DAoC for about an hour, feel free to listen in. With my current bandwidth limitations I can only host about twenty-eight listeners or so. Maybe if this thing kicks off I can move the broadcast onto something that can support more listeners? We’ll see. Be sure to tune in if ya can. Maybe I’ll fuck up enough times it’ll be worth a good laugh ;-)

Couple other lil geek-tech type things I’ve done around the site over the past couple days… I’ve put up some MRTG scripts to monitor network, memory and CPU usage on my new SDSL router. That may come in handy someday if I have to give swbell a call (God forbid) about a trouble ticket. I also brought back the trace route utility… allows you to cause the web-server here to run a complete trace route from here to whatever computer you’re at. May wanna use it if you’re getting some lag over a shoutcast session or what not and wanna see where the problem lies. Oh by the way – I have been messing around with the Aurora Toolset (beta) from Bioware for their new and upcoming game Neverwinter Nights… hot damn! This game is going to be *nice* there’s soooo much you can do and design… heh. I got a server for it already prepped! :-P More on that later…

I got a dragon raid to get ready for… see ya online gang.