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Posting news just because…

By K2 on March 27th, 2002 at 1:23 am EST

Hiya gang. Nuthin’ really going on today, or for the past few days for that matter. Some things that might be of interest to you – I’ve retired my main character for DAoC (as well as deleteing all my alts) and am handing over guildmaster status to Memlar as soon as I can find out when that guy will ever be online ;-) DAoC just doesn’t do it for me anymore unfortunately… there’s just too much messed up and tedious with that game to make it worth my while any longer. I dunno if it’s old age or from doing online gaming in some form or fashion for years and years or what exactly, but the appeal is just *gone* :-/ Right now my online gaming consists of a few rounds of chess on (my handle there is k2_3001 if anyone wants a challenge)… that’s about it. I had mentioned to my guildmates that I was going to start a new main character on the Percival server/Albion realm… but even that isn’t very interesting.

Oh well.

Anyways… the Hardfought guild is still alive and active. I didn’t delete my main character on our original home server so maybe later on down the road if Mythic fixes things to make the game more enjoyable I might come back for a visit. Also, in case you’re wondering, things are still a ‘go’ for hosting a Neverwinter Nights server. Shouldn’t be more than a few months away now.

In the mean time, I think I’m going to make an attempt on having more of a real life instead of keeping my ass planted in front of my computer all the damn time. Now I just need someone to show me what a ‘real life’ actually is… :-P