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Cat to visit gas giant, exclusive at 7pm!!

By K2 on February 23rd, 2002 at 7:02 pm EST

New ‘pic of the day’… I call it Ed visits Jupiter. Dorky, yes I know. Ah well… what’s a computer geek with no social life to do? :-P A couple guys from our DAoC guild sent me some pics of the day as well, I’ll post those soon.

My personal nomination for album of the week – Satellite from P.O.D. Except for their weak attempt at Jamaican rock on track six, the rest of the songs pretty much rock. First CD I’ve bought in a long time. If you were planning on getting the latest from N’Sync or Ms. Spears, get this instead, it’ll do you some good.

Happy Birthday sis!!


New additions to website

By K2 on February 19th, 2002 at 2:30 pm EST

I’ve been a busy lil web master for the past couple days… got a few things to show ya and tell ya about.

The biggest addition to the site is an event calendar, which you’ll notice to the right. You can click on any date to see what event is planned for whatever day. Day’s that have events scheduled show up in bold green. Right now anyone can view events, but only those with the correct username and password can add/edit/delete events, and at the moment the only people that have that capability are those in the Hardfought DAoC guild. If ya happen to play DAoC and make it to this site, check the calendar, you may discover some gaming events we have planned online.

Also new to the site is a ‘Picture of the Day’, which you’ll find underneath the site hit counter to the left. Now, you know me… it’s not very likely I’ll change that picture each and every day :-P I do plan to change it on a regular basis though. Today’s picture is a screenshot of my character ‘Kaytuu’ in-game, brandishing a newly-acquired Golden Alloy Great Sword. It looks as bad-ass as it’s in-game stats :-) I gave this sword to Geat in return for some ah… *ahem* shall we say ‘special favors’ he’s done for me in the past.

Bah! Get your mind OUT of the gutter! :-P

Click on the pic o’ the day to see it full-size. If any of you have a picture to submit, by all means feel free to do so, my email address is listed up at the top right of the page. Oh yeah… new voting poll is up, finally! A lot of people voted on the last one… it seems that out of 222 total votes, 53% of you would like to have ‘a cheap hooker and some booze’ more than anything else for Christmas. Heh ;-) I voted for Mrs. Claus myself… ah well. Anyways… go vote!!

One last thing – I know the main page loads slow. This is because of the DAoC server monitor. It grabs the data from another server and there’s varying degree’s of latency between my site and the one I grab the monitor script from. I’m looking into changing the monitor to something I can run locally here. I’ll keep ya posted.

See ya online gang.


OMG!! News!!!

By K2 on February 15th, 2002 at 5:52 pm EST

Yes that’s right… I waiting exactly an entire month to post news here on purpose :-) Pfft… let’s see what I got to share with you this month errr, today ;-)

I don’t think I’ll be bringing back the Hardfought game server as you all knew it anytime soon. It’s just too expensive… and the way the economy has been the past year, there’s quite the shortage of free rides and special deals. Just a lil FYI on that in case any of you were wondering :-/ I am however, prepping a box for Neverwinter Nights still… word is, it’s due out early this summer. I’m actively trying to get onto any kind of beta program with that as much as possible. This is something I can run off my DSL line and still have things run smooth (at least that’s what Bioware says…) so I’ll give it a shot and see how it pans out running something like that publicly.

Since the original Hardfought game server has no use anymore since this past Fragwire event, I’ve decided to turn it into our webserver. That’s why the site was down for most of the day today… rebuilt the hardware and OS from scratch. So now instead of the webserver being a lowly P3-500, it’s now a beefed up dual P3-900… w0oT!! Been wanting/needing to upgrade the webserver for quite some time, figured what the hell. Gives me a chance to brush up on some stuff as well, keep me current :-) Msgboard and voting poll should work as usual… if any of you out there were using my exchange service for email, get in contact with me, I’ll need to re-create your email account.

YES… I will update the voting poll soon, I promise… nyah! :-P

DAoC news – our guild is now pretty strong with a very solid base of high 30’s and low to mid 40’s level characters, and just about all of us have started 2-3 extra players to boot. We have also just recently joined the All-Father Alliance on our server/realm (Guinevere/Midgard) so hopefully we’ll start to make our presence as a guild more well-known out on the RvR battlefields. We’re part of the Northguard longship in this alliance. The Albions took our strength relic last week, and we had plans to get that back, except the Albion frontier zone server couldn’t handle the load and crashed on us :-( Back to the drawing board I suppose… oh yeah, I’m sure you’ve noticed by now, to the right is a DAoC server monitor, specifically for RvR happenings on the Guinevere server. It updates itself every hour, on the hour.

Gonna wrap up this post for now, I wanna get in some DAoC time before I gotta hit the sack… work at 6am on the weekends kinda sucks :-P Oh yeah before I forget… in the pictures section is a new link for every picture I’ve ever taken of my pets, Scout and Ed. Feel free to drop by and take a look. See you online gang, I’ll try to find reasons to post more often. Until next time…