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Happy Thanksgiving!!!

By K2 on November 22nd, 2001 at 12:34 pm EST

Why are you reading this!? You’re supposed to be doing the family thing, dammit! :-P Now go eat some more turkey, watch the game… or something :-)

I don’t get to do any of that today unfortunately – I’m stuck at work today :-/ Just thought I’d do a quick blurb on my lunch break. I’m heading up to see my folks in Oklahoma though as soon as I get off work tonight so my Turkey Day will be tomorrow. Better late than never eh?

Just to letcha all know, I’ve got the Hardfought game server with me at home, and I’m gonna take it with me to redo the Half Life/CounterStrike install on it to get rid of whatever funky holdovers and changes all these new anti-cheat .dll’s and scripts left behind. I’m also gonna get the retail version of Return to Castle Wolfenstein and install a port for it as well… oh hey, looks like id software folded and re-enabled joystick support in the game after all… hmmmm!! ;-) Anyways, expect to see the server back up and running by this coming Monday or so. Hopefully CS will be running like normal. We’ll see.

Have a good weekend and happy holiday gang… be safe and have fun. I’ll see you all next week.