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Server is up…

By K2 on October 29th, 2001 at 9:49 pm EST

I woulda posted last night, but I had too much going on… hell, I still do :-P But anyways…

Hardfought is back ONLINE baby!! w0oT!! In case ya missed it, the IP address is HF1 is on port 27015, HF-match is on port 27030 (reservable) and the Quake3 CTF/DM/TDM match is port is on 27980, also reservable. Just some quick notes here gang and I gotta split. I don’t wanna go into too much detail about all the new and cool things I have in store for you because I’ll be archiving news soon. But here’s some important stuff to know…

PunkBuster – yes, it’s required now on all CS ports I’ll be running from here on out… sorry :-/ You can download the latest client-side files for PB at our ‘Files’ section here, just follow the link on the left. Oh yeah… the files section is back up :-) One important note about using PunkBuster… use the ‘manual IP override’ function with it. Just enter in the field provided and click on the IP override button before you connect. This will resolve a lot of authentication problems for those of you that get bumped for not authenticating but have PB running. Don’t forget to do that… it’s important :-) Also, I’m gonna fix the spam PB generates, so don’t worry.

OK gotta go. I leave you with… a new voting poll! So go vote. G’nite folks… and go play on the server, have some fun :-P


Hardfought game server to come back online

By K2 on October 25th, 2001 at 8:34 am EST

Wha… ? What’s this!? Hardfought is coming back??

Yup :-P

I just confirmed this yesterday gang, and some of ya already know about this from hanging out in our IRC channel… the Hardfought game server is coming back online this weekend! w0oP!! Sometime during the afternoon of the 28th (this coming Sunday). Kerebos from the Fragwire crew has been able to set me up in a big way, so go by the Fragwire website and thank this guy profusely, he deserves it. The game box is being put onto an OC-48 pipe provided by swbell with points of presence to UUNET and it appears Sprint as well. I’ll be sitting on a 6Mbit segment all by myself, which will be more than sufficient. Heh… cool thing is, if you’re a local Dallas/Forth Worth swbell DSL customer, you could be as little as 6 hops away from the server and technically wont even go out on the internet to reach it :-) I’m averaging 15ms ping from home, people like SaGe and PUPPY are averaging 60-65ms ping all the way from Florida, a friend of mine all the way up in east Canada gets around 90ms, hell Ki||erClown is getting 210ms ping on his shit dialup service… it’s looking good. We’ll just have to wait and see how ping times are when all the ports get full, but so far indications look very promising. Some of you will have the same pings as before, some will have worse pings and some will have better pings as before… hopefully most will be same and/or better :-) Anyways – I’ll be bringing up HF1 and the CS match port as well as the Quake3 OSP match port, with a 24/7 HLTV feed to the match port (at 60 sec delay) and will try a 24/7 GTV feed to the Q3 match port. If things go well on these, I’ll bring back HF2 and I may also do a public Quake3 Threewave CTF/CCTF port… or maybe save the resources for Return to Castle Wolfenstein when it comes out ;-P So… go ahead and ping this IP address – – the box will either use that IP or one on the same segment. Ping/trace that and see how you’ll fare.

In light of the server coming back online, I’m gonna revamp the game stats and change the program that runs those. HalfStats is just too slow on the updates… dunno what I’m gonna use yet, but PsychoStats looks promising. Also, meet in IRC, channel #hardfought on this weekend, and show your support for the server coming back online, we’ll have a lil party :-P It’s kinda like being at ‘Cheers’ in there anyway, if ya don’t hang out there, you’re missing out. I got some other goodies and improvements about the server to share with ya, but at a later time. I gotta get to work :-/ Have a good one folks…


LAN party pictures are UP!!

By K2 on October 23rd, 2001 at 11:37 pm EST

Pictures are up – all eighty that I took, and I even added comments and stuff this time! :-P Just follow the ‘Pictures’ link to the left, you can’t miss ’em. Damn I hope all the people viewing at once wont saturate my DSL line… if it’s a bit slow, don’t be surprised, just keep trying.

Oh yeah… the Hardfought game server may be coming back online… not mini-HF, but the real deal ;-) As early as this Sunday perhaps >;-) I’ll letcha know more as I get some details finalized, so stick around. G’nite gang…


Hardfought ONE YEAR anniversary, LAN party news

By K2 on October 22nd, 2001 at 10:40 pm EST

Yeah that’s right… can’t friggin’ believe it myself. Hardfought turned one year old today :-) Check back in the news archives, I registered the domain this day last year and made my first news post. Who’d of ever thought we’d get this far by this time or have seen so much and brought together so many people. It’s a very nice feeling folks, lemme tell ya. Happy Birthday to you Hardfought – hope we can celebrate a few more before the ride is over.

If you missed the Fragwire/Hardfought LAN party, you really missed out on a good time. Almost 100 people showed… we had 8 full teams for the CS tourney, 20 people for the Quake3 1vs1 rail-only tournament, tons of people for the Descent 3 deathmatch contest… Unreal Tournament, DoD, Operation Flashpoint… there was a helluva lot going on. We were able to wrap up the CS tournament in just over 12 hours time, which I think all the teams greatly appreciated. The Q3 tourney went smoothly as well – for the CS, Q3 and Descent 3 matches, we were able to hook up a couple overhead projectors so people could watch matches in big-screen style. I had three HLTV proxies going at once, with one on the overhead. Many might say CS 1.3 is crap, but they did something right with HLTV – that thing is a blast to use and watch matches on. I was impressed to say the least… saw some damn fine teamwork from a bunch of the teams that played. Oh yeah… I set aside a table for the Hardfought regulars that showed, and just about filled it. The HF regs that showed were SaGe, PUPPY, Nad, Mini-Nad, EML, Docnsane, Murder4Hire, Maverick, Relic, Jane, Miklen, Camyen, HaDeS, Brantoc and Buzzsaw. I don’t think I left anyone out… gah! Please tell me if I did, and I’ll get your name up here ASAP. A few of us went out on the town Saturday night after the CS tourney wrapped up… heh :-P I’ll save that one for a rainy day ;-) It was really really nice to meet all of you face-to-face that I hadn’t already met before… the pleasure was all mine. I just wish we all coulda spent more time together. The Hooters girls showed and delivered the 1000 hot wings. We couldn’t get them away from PUPPY. No, I’m not joking, either, we really couldn’t :-) I played a total of about 19-20 games of chess and not one person could beat me… *sigh* So the video and NIC card I have to give away will just have to wait until the next event.

I wanna thank Bill, Shawn and the rest of the Fragwire crew for letting me participate in their event and helping out. I was asked aboard to help out with the next Fragwire LAN and I’ve accepted. Should be just as fun next time if not better, the Fragwire gang was a blast to work with. I’ll post here when the next LAN will be if anyone wants to go/come back. Oh yeah – I took about 80 pictures or so. I’ll start posting tonight or tomorrow on those, there’s a lot to sort through. Also, I have the rankings and results from both the CS and Q3 tournaments. I’ll post all of that info as well over the next couple days, so be sure to check back soon.

To wrap things up, a couple other news worthy items to share with ya. One – Nexus is no more :-( I left the Q3 part of the clan last week and the rest didn’t wanna keep it going so it’s dissolved as has the CS part of our clan. Was fun while it lasted… I had a great time playing with everyone from both teams, especially the CCTF crew. We were the number one team playing competitively with that mod for a very long time and our record proves it. Somethin’ to tell the grandkids :-P Also, you may or may not have noticed, but resolves to now, so please start using that now if ya could please, especially if you want the msgboard to function 100% correctly when checking for new posts from your last visit.

That’s all from me for now gang. Check back soon for the LAN pics and stuff. Gonna go celebrate Hardfought’s B-day with Scout and Ed :-P See ya online…


Hardfought/Fragwire LAN party starts today!!!

By K2 on October 19th, 2001 at 8:41 am EST

Wo0t!! :-P

Just have time for a quick blurb then I’m outta here to help finish setting things up. Registration for the event was closed yesterday but we still have spots open so if you wanna just show up at the door feel free, we’d love to see ya there. I have a couple more news items to share but they’ll have to wait until after the weekend. I’ll be taking plenty of pictures at the LAN and will post them as soon as I am able to do so. Ok… I better get going here :-)

Have a good weekend gang, I know I will. Hope to see as many of you as possible this weekend! See ya next week…