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Just checkin’ in…

By K2 on September 26th, 2001 at 11:57 pm EST

Hiya gang… thought I’d make a post just to let ya know I haven’t forgotten about the faithful visitors to my humble neck of the cyber-woods :-) So… on with the news!

Seems there’s been a very small but nasty rumor floating around that the Hardfought/Fragwire LAN party was cancelled. Well guess what… it’s still ON. Everything is still good to go, date is the same and everything (October 19th – 21st). We’re at T-minus 22 days and counting until this lil party kicks off, and believe me, you do *not* want to miss this one. One of the new sponsors we have for the event is Hooters Restaurant… I believe they are donating about 500 hot wings and will have official Hooters girls on hand to deliver them.

Yes, all you sex-starved recluse computer geeks read correctly – Hooters girls will be on site… rofl :-P

Now, as is always the case, most people do not register until about two weeks or so from the actual day of whatever event is being held. I have already posted one link to where you can register and pay via PayPal all at one time… click *here* to do that. There’s a second method of registering, and this way you don’t have to pay right away, but you will be listed on the attendee list. The link to register the quick and dirty way is right *here* – so get registered and get your name showing on the list so we can plan a bit better and know what to expect. I know there are several of you who are going but have not signed up yet. Whatcha waitin’ for? Go go go :-P

Isn’t it ironic… just days after I have to take the Hardfought server down does all this new shit come out. Go figure, eh? The new Half-Life and CounterStrike patches have been released and there have been some very cool things brought about by these as well as a few new headaches. I’m not going to dwell too much on those except to say that I have been testing CS 1.3 out quite a bit here at home, and I love the new HLTV functionality, even tho it has some issues running on AdminMod-enabled servers (that’s already being addressed). Also, there’s a new CSCop out, version 1.3, that now handles team wounders as well as team killers. See what I mean? Hardfought goes down, new shit comes out. GAH!! :-P Right now I’ve got the HF1 port patched and running the latest version of PodBot – 16 bots going at it non-stop for about three days now. Port crashes every two hours this way, you can almost set your clock by it. I take off PodBot and load up AdminMod with CS 1.3, port stays up for over 24 hours, no crashes. Hmmm…

I’m doing all this because 1) it gives me something to do and 2) I’m getting the server ready for the LAN, since it will be one if not the official tournament server for the Hardfought/Fragwire LAN party.

Anyways… enough about CounterStrike. Bah! :-P I’m kinda wondering with Operation: Lake Afghanistan is going to happen. I have been trying to follow world events as close as I can since Sept. 11th, and I can’t believe the Taliban are not willing to cooperate with us in handing over Osama bin Laden. Well, ok I can believe it, but still… I don’t think they realize how big the can of ass-whup that’s about to be opened up on their heads really is. At the same time this isn’t gonna be any kind of Desert Storm campaign, either. If we really do go to war over there, our ground troops are gonna have it rough :-/ Good luck to you guys and gals that have to go over there, and stay safe.

Ok… bedtime for me. I’ll try to think of some more interesting things to keep all of you amused for my next news post :-P Oh hey, be sure to idle in channel #hardfought on IRC ( – been a lot of people going there lately and many of the conversations and stuff have been entertaining to say the least :-) Until next time folks…