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Quick blurb…

By K2 on August 31st, 2001 at 12:56 am EST

Weeeee!! Finally, I am back online! Got DSL set up before work today (err yesterday…) and have been putting things back to the way they were sorta, piece by piece.

Hardfought email is now functional again, as is the HF-BOT in IRC. CSCop on HF2 will be up again soon. I’ll start transferring web content from the game box back to the web server tomorrow night. While that is going on – if does not work for you for whatever reason, use instead, until your ISP updates it’s DNS records. I wont send in the IP change until after I get home from work this evening. Shouldn’t take too long to carry over. Oh yeah – stats should be up and running like normal sometime around Sunday or Monday :-)

Just a quick post, just letting ya’ll know I’m still here and alive :-P before I leave you – check out this msgboard thread here at – latest little drama in my life right now. See ya soon…

EDIT, 4:39am CST – well, I just updated PunkBuster to the latest version on the game server. No one told me that the CAL and now *gasp* the OGL both require PB to be ran in required mode for all CS matches… heh. So as of right now, PB is in *required* mode, not optional. If you don’t have PB running client-side, you’ll get the boot, so don’t forget to have it running before you connect. Oh yeah, one last thing… after looking at the voting poll here, 56% of ya (out of 114 people) voted to have PB run in required mode on HF2. So… also effective immediately, you must have PB running client-side to play on HF2. PunkBuster on that port will be using the same PB config that the CAL uses.