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Nexus defends #1 spot OGL CCTF ladder… again!!

By K2 on February 28th, 2001 at 8:18 pm EST

OMG!! Heheh… I’m not kidding… you *want* to download and view the demo recorded of our latest OGL CCTF match up against Immortal COIL. Closest fuckin’ CCTF match I’ve ever watched, *EVER*

Nexus went to defend our #1 spot on the OGL CCTF ladder against Immortal COIL last night, playing CCTF1 (Bletey’s Return). You have to whore the quad on this map if you want any chance of winning, and COIL is very good at doing this, so we knew what to expect going in. HaDeS, CyBorge, Nemesis and FizZ represented our clan this time around. We got off to a slow start, with COIL making two caps within the first 10 minutes of the game. Then Nexus made a small comeback, evening things out 2-2. Then COIL makes another leap ahead, making the score 4-2 in their favor, with not a whole lot of time left in the match.

I’m not going to spoil the rest of it… go download the demo from our ‘Files’ section and see for yourself :-P VERY intense match, with both teams making some severe kick ass plays. This one ended in overtime folks… Nexus wins it by a hair, 6-5. We’ve played COIL a lot of times in the past, and we’ve had some pretty good matches/scrims with them, but this one takes the cake. Coulda gone either way at any point in the match. Hats off to COIL… very well played, fellas!

Other stuff… PunkBuster was set a bit too strict on the Hardfought CounterStrike Match port, which a couple CS clans who tried to hold a match there found out the hard way :-/ No cheats detected, just authentication problems. Soooo… PunkBuster is still running on the CS match port, but compliance has been turned OFF. What does that mean? You don’t have to use PunkBuster to play on that port, but it will still detect and log cheaters, and will actively report to everyone in the server who’s playing unfairly. I figure that’s good enough… if any teams need match logs as proof to show any OGL ladder officials, I’m all for that.

That’s about all for now… I’ll archive February’s news and make another news post here in a few days. Catch ya later!


Nexus defends #1 spot OGL CCTF ladder, CS Match port up

By K2 on February 24th, 2001 at 1:06 pm EST

Another long week over and done with… *whew* I live for the weekend! Let’s see what we got goin’ here news-wise…

Nexus defended it’s number one spot against XcP on the OGL CCTF ladder this past Thursday, defeating XcP by a score of 10-0. Unfortunately the capture limit on the server we played on was not set to 0, so the match ended a bit prematurely. XcP opted not to continue with the remaining 16 minutes left in the match. Probably a good thing the match ended when it did… this time around it took us a very long time to find an agreeable server :-/ Good game to XcP ;-) We’ll play again sometime, I’m sure.

YES it’s finally up and running! Hardfought is now hosting a CounterStrike Match port (yes… I said match :-P) which can be reserved for use via our ‘Reservation’ link to the left. Friendly fire is ON by default, and I currently don’t see any way that players can vote this on or off, so for the time being, this match port is only going to cater to the ‘FF is ON’ crowd. Hopefully Adminmod will release another version that allows this variable to be voted on… that way the match port would cater to *all* of the CounterStrike OGL teams out there, not just the ‘Friendly Fire ON’ ladder. The match port IP address is

A couple things to note about the CounterStrike Match port… I am running PunkBuster on this port (remotely, so it doesn’t consume any of the game server’s resources :-) ) and full compliance is turned ON. There’s a couple reasons why I am using PunkBuster on the match port… 1) there’s no way I could have an admin there for every match. Wouldn’t ask my admin’s to do that anyways… they’d have no free time left… and 2) I’m not going to tolerate *any* kind of cheating during an official match. PunkBuster (hopefully) should be able to take care of that. TK’ing isn’t going to be a concern… who wants to kill their own team during a match? :-P Also… the match port server variables are set EXACTLY to comply with current OGL CounterStrike rules. And, because of adminmod, players can use ‘rockthevote’ in public chat to vote for whatever map they need to play their matches on without having an admin present. Soooo… go reserve the port for your next clan match/practice/scrim, and be sure to e-mail me for the join password… and don’t forget to download the latest client version of PunkBuster, you’ll need it.

Other server news… due to the severe lack of play on the Quake3 public ports, I took them down :-/ Team Arena has turned out to be one big flop… the number of people playing that game has dwindled considerably. I’ve talked to a few other server admins and they’ve all reported the same thing. I’m leaving the Quake3 match port up, of course… that’s always been used, and the community actually appreciates having that type of server available. I also decided to resurrect the Classic CTF port. What the hell… it’s the only variation of Quake3 that I play anymore, might as well keep a port up… maybe it’ll get some use… heh :-)

Nexus has been challenged by Immortal COIL on the OGL CCTF ladder, we’re to play early next week. More news then… see ya folks.


Server upgrade, new version of OSP, etc

By K2 on February 19th, 2001 at 8:14 pm EST

FINALLY!! I was able to obtain some high-quality ECC registered SDRAM that the game server’s mainboard likes :-) Drove down this afternoon and popped in two (count ’em, two) 256MB sticks of Infineon PC100 ECC registered SDRAM. The Hardfought server now sits at a total of 512MB ram. This plus a lil bit of tweaking of the virtual swap file and that disk thrashing that’d been happening when the CS port would get full appears to be gone… all the numbers look good. True test will be over the next week to see how it feels to everyone playing. I’ve already placed an order for another 512MB ram just like what I put in today… I’ll upgrade the server to 768MB for sure, may go up to a gigabyte of RAM depending on what I want to run on that box later on requires it or not.

OSP released a new version of their match modification for Quake3… 0.99s. This version has more bug fixes, incorporates some visual enhancements from the apparently now defunct q3comp mod, and also some nice features for those who play team DM in the Badlands tourney. The Hardfought CTF/DM/TDM Match port has been upgraded accordingly, so make sure you do the same. EDIT – Rhea just released version 0.99s1 today (2/20/2001) that fixes a few bugs… server has been upgraded accordingly.

Nexus had a few games last week… we played our final OGL RA3 match against CTF Owns U last Tuesday. They won. We have since taken ourselves off that ladder… not a whole helluva lot of interest :-/ So right now we’re strictly Classic CTF for Quake3. And speaking of CCTF… we played a couple friendly scrimmage maps with Immortal COIL a few nights ago, had a big turn out, too. We won both maps by scores of 7-3 and 6-3… both were pretty tight games. Hope to scrim them more often in the future.

I am going to bring up a CounterStrike Match port for sure, now that the server has more memory. One if not more of the Hardfought public Quake3 ports will be brought down to make sure there are enough resource available. More than likely the Team Arena and Instagib Rail-Only ports will get the axe :-( Which blows because that Team Arena port used to be the most popular TA port around for a good stretch. Interest in that ‘add-on’ has sharply declined. ID’s first flop? Dunno… anyways, I’ll let ya’ll know for sure when I get the CS match port up and running. Should be soon.

One last thing… read this thread… … racist bigots fucking piss me *OFF* … bah!

Have a good week peeps.


Pre-Valentine’s Day news

By K2 on February 13th, 2001 at 8:44 pm EST

How are YOU doing… ? ROFL… :-P OK, ok… I got my beer here, all settled in… time for some news posting…

First off… I’d like to officially welcome [cW]ArcteK as the newest member of the Hardfought CounterStrike admin team. He’s Hardfought’s new morning/daytime admin… so to all of the cheaters and TK’er’s out there that used the CS port as your cheating playground during the mornings… no more ;-) ArcteK was one of *many* applicants for the morning admin spot. Thank you to everyone who applied. I may still need a second morning admin to help out… I’ll make an announcement about that when the time comes. Also on the CounterStrike front… Valve released yet another server-side beta patch today that is *supposed* to alleviate legitimate clients from being kicked, while still protecting against that nasty speed hack. I upgraded the CS port with this patch not more than a couple hours ago, so please let me know how that patch works out.

I received word a couple days ago that the Tyan-approved 100% memory I ordered for the server has arrived… 512 megs of ECC registered SDRAM lovin’ :-P I believe the brand is Toshiba… I don’t remember exactly. Important thing is, is that it’s memory found on Tyan’s compatibility list, so this time the memory upgrade should go without a hitch (fingers crossed). I’ll probably wind up upgrading the server to 768 meg total, so no more worries about excessive swap-file usage. The planned upgrade is for this coming Friday afternoon… I’ll let everyone playing know before I shut her down. Shouldn’t be down for more than 30 minutes or so while I check server stability with the new RAM.

Nexus has a couple OGL matches lined up this week. First off is an RA3 match this Friday… dunno who against, haven’t even looked. This Saturday, we defend our #1 CCTF title against Masters at Destruction. This game oughta be interesting :-) I’ll post news about both as they happen… probably Saturday night sometime.

Ooooh yeah… big one here :-P I had posted this on the msgboard before I had to reset everything… now’s as good a time as any to post this here. I recently started using SETI@home screen saver again. If you don’t know what SETI does… where the hell you been, eh? :-) SETI gathers sooo much information when they scan radio frequencies in regions of space for signs of extra-terrestrial life, that’s there’s NO way for them to be able to process all of the information gathered in a timely manner. So, they developed a screen saver that processes chunks of data that they have gathered and sends the results back to SETI, taking advantage of when your home or work system is just sitting idle. The program has been around for a few years now, and has become hugely successful… minus the detection of a verified signal from ET, that is ;-) Anyways… organizations can create groups, and anyone part of a particular group has their processing time added to that of everyone else in whatever group they are a part of. Some of the total processing time of some of these groups is impressive to say the least. With that in mind… I created the Hardfought SETI@home club. So far we have five members (three of those being myself, running SETI@home on various systems). If you’d like to join the Hardfought SETI@home group, download the required software from … once installed, create your profile (if you don’t already have one) and go to this link… to become part of the Hardfought SETI@home group. You *will* have to click on the link there to have your password sent to you via email. The whole process takes about 10 minutes to complete, including install time. So join up soon, and be part of something important to the entire human race.

One last news bit… and this is more really my thoughts more than just news… the Quake3 ports over the past two weeks have had diminishing traffic, most notably the Team Arena port. Dunno what the fuck happened really… nothing’s really changed on any of those public ports. Turns out it’s not just my ports… some other Quake3 admins that I talk to have also noticed a decreased traffic level on their ports. It’s almost like Quake3 as a whole is kinda fading somewhat. Maybe it’s just a slump.. dunno for sure. In light of this… and the total lack of support for the Team Arena Match port, I’ve taken that port down, and am seriously thinking of creating a CounterStrike Match port, which will be reservable of course. It may come to a point to where the only q3 port I leave up is the CTF/DM/TDM match port. I just don’t know at this point. I *do* have plans to run a Neverwinter Nights server this year when that game is released… and then Halo later on down the line. We’ll see what happens.

See ya online :-)



By K2 on February 11th, 2001 at 5:46 pm EST

YES, the website was down for awhile today. That’s because I had to rebuild the entire thing, and some things I was not able to reinstate properly, such as the message forums… bah! So, if you want to post there, you’ll have to re-register your account… sorry ’bout that. Same goes for any reservations made for the match servers… I believe I saw two of them for the Hardfought CTF/DM/TDM for this week… whoever made those will need to redo those, too. Oh… and also, the CS stats are gonna be reset as well. Gonna give Intelistats version 2.0 pre-beta a whirl, see what it’s like.

Sorry about all of this… anyways, some more (good this time :-P) major news either tonight or within the next day or so. See ya.