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Nexus defends #1 spot OGL CCTF ladder… again!!

By K2 on February 28th, 2001 at 8:18 pm EST

OMG!! Heheh… I’m not kidding… you *want* to download and view the demo recorded of our latest OGL CCTF match up against Immortal COIL. Closest fuckin’ CCTF match I’ve ever watched, *EVER*

Nexus went to defend our #1 spot on the OGL CCTF ladder against Immortal COIL last night, playing CCTF1 (Bletey’s Return). You have to whore the quad on this map if you want any chance of winning, and COIL is very good at doing this, so we knew what to expect going in. HaDeS, CyBorge, Nemesis and FizZ represented our clan this time around. We got off to a slow start, with COIL making two caps within the first 10 minutes of the game. Then Nexus made a small comeback, evening things out 2-2. Then COIL makes another leap ahead, making the score 4-2 in their favor, with not a whole lot of time left in the match.

I’m not going to spoil the rest of it… go download the demo from our ‘Files’ section and see for yourself :-P VERY intense match, with both teams making some severe kick ass plays. This one ended in overtime folks… Nexus wins it by a hair, 6-5. We’ve played COIL a lot of times in the past, and we’ve had some pretty good matches/scrims with them, but this one takes the cake. Coulda gone either way at any point in the match. Hats off to COIL… very well played, fellas!

Other stuff… PunkBuster was set a bit too strict on the Hardfought CounterStrike Match port, which a couple CS clans who tried to hold a match there found out the hard way :-/ No cheats detected, just authentication problems. Soooo… PunkBuster is still running on the CS match port, but compliance has been turned OFF. What does that mean? You don’t have to use PunkBuster to play on that port, but it will still detect and log cheaters, and will actively report to everyone in the server who’s playing unfairly. I figure that’s good enough… if any teams need match logs as proof to show any OGL ladder officials, I’m all for that.

That’s about all for now… I’ll archive February’s news and make another news post here in a few days. Catch ya later!