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Match results, server changes

By K2 on January 21st, 2001 at 9:11 pm EST

Sorry for the lack of news… not like me to go for a whole week. Anyways…

Nexus played two more OGL matches over the past couple days, one against Immortal COIL for CCTF, and the other against Team Quakeshit for RA3 team open. We lost both… you can see the results on our ‘Battles’ page. *Good game* out to both teams. Seems Nexus has hit a slump for the new century… oh well :-) We’ve been challenged already on the CCTF ladder… more details on that later.

A few things have changed on the Hardfought server recently… nothing major really, at least not yet :-) The Hardfought CCTF port is back down, and permanently this time… not gonna waste resources on a port that rarely gets used. That’s a shame, too, because CCTF is my favorite mod. The Hardfought Team Arena Demo port will be officially retired on February 1st. That port is the busiest out of all my Quake3 ports, but Team Arena has been out for 2 months now… time for you guys and gals to buy the game :-) In it’s place will be a reservable, passworded Team Arena Match port… first one that I know of. It will run SCTA server-side, just like the public port does. By the way… SCTA is version 1.2 now… one of the best mods I’ve ever come across. It has a random map rotation scheme now, I’m seriously thinking of implementing that on the public TA port.

The Hardfought CounterStrike port is basically the same… there was another beta server-side upgrade that I implemented awhile ago, fixes a couple bugs. Something about CS that’s always bothered me, is that it’s quite the resource hog, especially in terms of memory used. When the CS port gets full (i.e. almost all the time) it uses so much memory that the operating system has to offload some of that to the virtual swap file, which in turn hurts system performance and causes what’s known as ‘disk-thrashing’… always writing to the hard drive constantly. Soooo… I’m gonna grab another 256MB stick of PC100 Micron CAS2 memory for the server, probably this Friday. That’ll bring the server up to 640MB total… that should take care of the memory problems I’m seeing :-)

That’s all for now… I’ll do another news post in a couple days. See ya folks.