XML data from DAoC

By K2 on March 5th, 2002 at 9:57 pm EST

Hiya gang. March already eh? Time sure flies…

YES I updated the pic o’ the day, so leave me alone about it already :-P This installment is from Sage, who got an in-game picture while playing DAoC of four Bezerkers in bear-form dancing a nice lil’ Viking dance. Scary. Keep the submissions coming, I’ll post ’em when I get around to it.

Well, since Mythic is providing the DAoC community with the data and the means, I’m gonna try my hand at XML (extensible markup language) on the site here in two different ways. One is to display our guild roster info here, which will be updated automatically by Mythic themselves every couple of days or so. Another is through a Perl script that ties in with XML data threads to display server info here on the site, much like the server display info we have now… catch is, this will run directly off my website instead of having to use someone else’s server as the go-between from here to Mythic’s dbase.

XML is… difficult. What I mean is, the data embedded in each .xml file is actually laid out in a much more logical and extremely versatile manner more so than normal .html or even .asp, but the implementation is tricky. That’s what I’m trying to teach myself. Kinda giving myself a crash-course on XML in general. Hopefully I’ll have some useable data up for you all soon.

Movie of the week – A.I. – damn good movie, just came out on DVD today. It’s long, a little over two hours playing time. I’d classify it as a sci-fi drama tear-jerker. Makes ya think… definitely worth renting.

That’s all I have for today. Gonna get busy and work on that XML output. See ya online gang.